Who owns this Global Express?

This Bombardier Global Express (VP-CEO) is reportedly based at Lagos Airport since late last year, despite being registered on the Cayman Islands to a company called ‘Wings of Grace Ltd’. Does anyone know the real owner of the aircraft?

Update: the answer is Folorunso Alakija.

Bombardier Global Express – VP-CEO (copyright Mmaviation)



9 responses to “Who owns this Global Express?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Mrs Alakija

  2. Anonymous says :

    Wow..who is she? Its easy to track this plane and its been all over Europe this year.

  3. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Thanks for the replies.

    There are now four Global Express jets owned by Nigerians:
    VP-CEO: Folorunso Alakija
    VP-CNA: Mike Adenuga
    N104DA: Aliko Dangote
    VQ-BJA: Johnson Arumemi-Ikhide

    • Alaba says :

      Nigerian crews?

      • Greg says :

        @ Alalba, “Nigerian crews?”: During a brutal exchange by members of pprune.com last year, it was revealed (with much pride), that a Nigerian crew was cross-qualified on a Nigerian owned GLEX and a Challenger 604. That could only mean Adenuga, who actively flies both types out of his Lagos hangar. Arumemi Johnson flies just his GLEX, whilst Dangote has successively been linked with an ex-presidential BAe 1000, an HS 125-700, and a Challenger 300. His GLEX was factory new. Chances of Nigerians on his crew are high, as Capt Ekeinde, husband of the Nollywood actress, is said to have flown him around 2008/2009. Capt Adoga, who earlier flew Ibadan billionaire Harry Akande’s Lear 25D, also flew the HS. I confirm Adoga/HS personally.

  4. Capt Fantastic says :

    I confirm Captain Adoga actually flies the GLEX as Captain, For over a year now.

  5. Stephanie says :

    How do i receive a parcel sent to lagos in kano

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