TopBrass and Med-View to commence scheduled operations

Two charter airlines, Med-View Airline and TopBrass Aviation, are both planning to commence scheduled domestic flights. Med-View is a Haji carrier and normally wet-leases aircraft for their operations, while TopBrass serves the oil and gas industry with two Dash 8-Q300s.


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3 responses to “TopBrass and Med-View to commence scheduled operations”

  1. Greg says :

    Evidently, TB CEO Roland Iyayi is in it for the long haul. Kudos to him, good luck to the venture

  2. Greg says :

    Earlier in the year, the rumour mill churned out news of Fokker 100s at Top Brass. I thought that was overkill for oil support. Perhaps it was connected with the imminent op? F100s are cheap and most have almost 2 thirds life remaining on them, the problem being of course, Nigeria’s idiot 15/20 yr age limit`

    • Alaba says :

      F100’s might be cheap to buy but spares are expensive as Fokker is out of business. Years ago, American Airlines had to manufature inhouse spares for their F100 fleet which is one reason they got rid.
      It also has a high landing weight which wont fit into oil support fields I think.

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