Fly540 to start Accra-Lagos flights

Fly540 intends to commence flights between Accra and Lagos on 24 September 2012, using a newly acquired Embraer 170. Schedule (operates all days, except on Saturday):

  • 5G950 ACC-LOS 17:15-19:15
  • 5G951 LOS-ACC 19:45-19:45

Fly540 will be renamed Fastjet later this year. The airline, in which easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou has a stake, aims to become a pan-African low-cost carrier.

Meanwhile, another Ghanaian carrier, Starbow Airlines, also plans to commence flights to Lagos in the near future. On the other hand, Senegal Airlines has dropped plans to start a Dakar-Lagos service. Also, the Nairobi-Abuja route announced by Kenya Airways last June will not take off this week.


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2 responses to “Fly540 to start Accra-Lagos flights”

  1. LAF says :

    Anything to help our airlines shape up is welcome. Will be interesting to see if they replicate the fast turnaround times and standards of easyjet, maintian high schedule integrity and not to flop and become ‘Fastjest’.

    Coordinator, could you make it easy for people by providing a direct link to the award nominaition form? Thanx

  2. Oladunjoye Paul Taiye says :

    This is a good projection, as it will further bring developmental changes into the Nigerian Aviation Industries. Adequate maintainance & preflight check are to be consciously observed, to put the Nigerian Airlines @ the front line in Africa. Its a welcomed initiative.

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