Air Nigeria shuts down

Air Nigeria will cease all operations after 10 September 2012. The decision was taken, according to the management, because of staff disloyalty and environmental tension, ‘which are not conducive for business in the aviation sector’. All but 50 employees were fired by the chairman of the Air Nigeria, who expressed the intention to relaunch the airline next year.

Air Nigeria was founded in 2004 as Virgin Nigeria. The airline was renamed Nigerian Eagle Airlines in 2009, after Virgin withdrew itself from the partnership. Jimoh Ibrahim acquired the airline in 2010 and rebranded it Air Nigeria. The airline was grounded in June 2012 due to financial mismanagement, after which it lost most of its B737 fleet. Air Nigeria continued to serve the Lagos-London Gatwick route four times a week, operating the route with a wet-lease EgyptAir A330. The airline advises passengers to contact the agents from whom they have purchased tickets for a refund.



5 responses to “Air Nigeria shuts down”

  1. jibz says :

    Let’s all remember this is the second airline to bite the dust under this same man. First it was EAS now Air Nigeria. He talked about staff loyalty but never mentioned that he hasn’t paid some staff since april, Loyalty is never one way. He has also failed to remit tax deductions, Pension deductions to the appropriate bodies. Hope someone in government is watching.

  2. Sam says :

    Good Riddance… how this man can be a millionaire is a mystery. He’s a thief, a crook or a con-artist. Blaming his staff for the airline’s demise? Did the staff vote to take on debts of some $ 250 million from the previous owners of the airline (Virgin)? He did, and his plan failed, failed to pay his staff on time and most importantly embezzled hundreds of millions of state rescue aid and funneled it through to other companies. This man is despicable. Let us hope Nigeria’s aviation sector is reformed and foreign investors allowed to invest in truely world-class local airlines. Ghana is already moving ahead and may eclipse Nigeria with various new airlines like FastJet and Starbow.

  3. Eze says :

    I knew this clown wouldn’t last the day he started making regular press releases and acting as know-it-all tycoon, eclipsing his Ethiopian MD and rubbishing professional PR. The day he invoked patriotism and national pride, when he was supposed to prepare a careful business plan. The day his Chief Accountant threw the towel and leaked serious doubts about AN’s fleet safety. He could have saved himself the embarrassment had he entrusted the show to a professional, international management and went home. I second Sam, good riddance. The exit of AN and Dana is in my opinion an opportunity for a sector-wide shake up. Anything associated with that damned name Virgin Nigeria was bound to fail. His grandiose “patriotic” plan to save Nigeria’s flag carrier and fly the Nigerian flag just didn’t see the light of the day. Someone needs to tell him that emotive rationale doesn’t put food on anyone’s table. It’s so 1980s. Do your homework, and quit whining.

  4. LAF says :

    Was just busy appreciating some WT heroes with this post when news came in of DANA’s liberation. A very rollercoaster day in the whole airline dynamic.

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