FG lifts Dana Air’s suspension

Dana Air may be able to resume commercial services soon, as the Minister of Aviation announced that:

The Federal Government has lifted the suspension of the Operating Licence of Dana Airlines. This follows government’s satisfaction with the air-worthiness of the airline after a rigorous technical, operational and financial audit of the airline. By this development, Dana Airline is free to resume its normal commercial flight operations. Government will however continue to strengthen its oversight and regulatory functions to ensure that all airlines operating in the country, including Dana adhere strictly to safety procedures as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act and all other relevant local and international regulations that ensure and promote sustainable air safety.

In a reaction to the news, Dana Air said that it will resume flight operations shortly.



8 responses to “FG lifts Dana Air’s suspension”

  1. Segun says :

    I guess in some ways, it is a positive development….

  2. LAF says :

    This seems to signal a willingness of the ministry to get a bit more civilized.
    Would there be any financial assistance to Dana for the lo$$es suffered from the grounding?

    Bigger picture: accident investigation reforms, emergency services and general disaster management, regulation systems and the MRO challenges and more. Still not convinced things are in place to handle similar not to mention if a heavy is involved.

    The ministry has been too quiet on these matters as usual but that’s where a lot of work is required.

    Perhaps due in part to present ICT situation as well as pressure, Dana at least put in a decent effort in their more-than-typical-Nigerian humanitarian response and regular updates. will be good if they can recover and come back stronger.

  3. KPONYON says :

    Lifting the suspension of Dana air’s AOL by the FG at this point in time, to me is worrisome. This is because the cause(s) of the latest Dana crash have not been made public. The FG has not come out to state clearly what caused the accident and as far as I am concerned all that talk about the Federal Government being satisfied with the airworthiness after technical, operational and financial audit is balderdash!!
    I think the FG ought to have made the report available before lifting the suspension. We need to know the cause[s] and be convinced that steps have been taken to ensure such situation does not occur again or is minimized. Telling me that your audit has indicated the airline is ‘clean’ without me knowing the cause of the crash is not acceptable. Supposing at the end of the day the report indicts Dana will the Government again suspend the airlines Op Licence?

    Conclusion: Let us know the causes, if there are any lapses what steps are being taken to correct same, if no lapses, good, FG announces lifting of the suspension and Dana works on restoring customer confidence which has been seriously eroded. As for me I wish DANA luck, but nothing nice from me!!!

    • LAF says :

      The more reaso they (FG) need to be constatly monitored to ensure they handle this correctly. However, don’t count on thorough reporting and supply of adequate information by them .

      If an acceptable standard acident investigation is done with recommendations duly followed, only then will steps taken so far be truly positive.

  4. Greg says :

    KPONYON and LAF, no need to go that far: an audit which certifies the technical, financial and ops attributes of any airline is no substitute for what caused their airplane to crash and kill innocent people. An NTSB standard accident investigation only, is what will do, the moreso because of our Government’s penchant for shenanigans. The grounds announced by Jonathan and Stella will only cause the international community to laugh us out of contention. Our people are pliable, whether we like it or not. They’ll accept the BS and move. Which is a big shame

  5. lajfa says :

    What happened to the rule of aircrafts older than 15years ?

    • Anonymous says :

      What about it? It means you can’t import any aircraft above the age limit. It doesn’t require aircraft already imported and registered to be taken out of service if exceeding this age limit.

  6. Anonymous says :

    FG decsion is a welcome from Industry point of view, totaly choas at local Airport, fares are skyrocketing,still no respite from delays, cancelatios, I feel Dana was functioning well, though Accident is a big question as they were only flying for 2-3 yrs.

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