Will Air Nigeria find a new owner?

Air Nigeria suspended all its operations today. According to some reports, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) is considering to take over Air Nigeria’s debts and to merge the airline with Aero. AMCON was already approached by United Bank for Africa to take over Air Nigeria’s non-performing loans estimated to exceed N35 billion. UBA owns the two E190s operated by Air Nigeria. Another, rather unlikely, scenario is that the airline will be sold to new investors for a sum of $200 million.


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5 responses to “Will Air Nigeria find a new owner?”

  1. Greg says :

    I mean no disrespect but given the damage Uncle Jim did to Air Nigeria’s rep, I wouldn’t buy the airline for 200 Naira…

  2. Anonymous says :

    Allah will help our leaders and our managements… Most of our leadership are not loyal in any things they do…most ….of them carry d money to other country….is d money going with u when u are dead…pls think of that…O ‘Lord help us to lift up our Air Nigeria again’ amen……..

  3. LAF says :

    Anyone know why the Arik London flight was done with an A310 instead of the usual equipment?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Probably a replacement aircraft provided by HiFly – they operate A340/A330/A310s. Normal procedure if one of the A345s needs maintenance.

    • Anonymous says :

      Ask Hi Fly, of Lisbon, they operate the Arik 340s, some talk of the 340s now coming onto the Nigerian register, 5N….they have been CS…..Since Arik bought them, lead time for the new status. We hope.

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