Contracts awarded for Dutse Airport

The Jigawa State Government has awarded three contracts for the construction of an airport near the state’s capital, Dutse, at the cost of N6.9 billion. The airport will be located along the Dutse-Panisau road. President Jonathan will lay the first stone during a visit to the state next month. The airport should be ready next year. According to Alhaji Babandi Ibrahim, the State Commissioner for Information:

Dantata and Sawoe were awarded N4.9 billion contract for the construction of the runway; the project is expected to be completed within 10 months. Another contract for the construction of a terminal building and car park was awarded to CGC Nigeria. Dantata and Sawoe also got another contract for the construction of  an access road to the airport at the total cost of N600 million. CGC has been given 12 months to complete the terminal building, while  Dantata and Sawoe have four months for the access road.



8 responses to “Contracts awarded for Dutse Airport”

  1. Greg says :

    Expedient, simple and to the point. Some seriousness, iow, fear of God on show here. May God reward them with a speedy conclusion of the project

  2. Alaba says :

    So many new airports on the drawing baord.
    Are these financially viable projects or just vanity ones?

  3. Greg says :

    Alaba, because of our category as a developing nation, government has no choice but to continue to support the running, never mind construction, of most categories of airports, for now. Yes, there’s always the angle of “His Excellency” ‘s self-important, and often vain, need for expedient travel, but some of these projects clearly are less hare-brained than others’. Example, Ogun State’s one-time plan for a “cargo airport”. With Ibadan, Akure and Lagos all within two hours’ driving distance and with capacity to spare, what could Ogun need a new airport for and at any rate, what high value product were they exporting or had the potential to export? Government is the inevitable bulwark of funding for these projects in this country, and even though the skills and capital for private sector investments sometimes are plausible, there is definitely the challenge of the dearth of the will to commit, in the psyche of Nigerians

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Dutse is less than 130 km from Kano. Jigawa State has a population of around 5 million. Apart from annual Haji charters and a couple of charter flights by the state governor, will the new airport other traffic?

  4. Greg says :

    Excellent point, AIN. The pitfalls of arguing without a grasp of critical facts. Still,justification for the project could be created if the state government entered a deal with, say, Overland, for subsidized ATR 42 ops to Abj/Lag, like Niger is said to have done with Capital/EMB 120 for Minna/Lag, and Akwa Ibom and Dana for Uyo – Abj/Lag. Then again, Jigawa is not one of the richest states in Nigeria and competing local interests might shout the program down

  5. Alaba says :

    Greg and Aviation in Nigeria, the critical fact is whether this state carried out monadic activities as to the viability of this airport. We presume they must have as well as looking at its priority against health, education and good roads.
    I’m guessing the attitude apart from the vanity element is ‘We build it; people will then beat a path to it’. Social or business enterprise or both?
    The contract has been awarded but the state government should now encourage general aviation into it and not hold out too much hope for airlines especially with today’s aviation economic climate.

    • LAF says :

      Airports are still vogue at the moment. Interstingl to observe that most govs aren’t paying much attention to intermodality and the logistics chains.
      The airpor headcount I reckon is adequate, many are under served and underperforming. It will be good if the bigger transport picture starts to dominate in the planning process.

  6. Sani Musa Maimakawa says :

    Jigawa airport is a welcome development. Apart from creating job opportunity, the provision of the airport will enhance easy conveyance of our Pilgrims who always travel to Kano for airlifting to the Holly Land. But now that another airport is in process which may likely be in operation this year, the Hajj operation in Kano will be much easier and less congested unlike before. God bless the promoters of this viable and long awaited project.

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