Arik Air to resume domestic flights

Arik Air announced that it will resume all domestic flight operations on Sunday, 23 September 2012. The airline halted its domestic flights on Thursday due to a conflict with labour unions, aviation authorities and the Ministry of Aviation about outstanding debts.



3 responses to “Arik Air to resume domestic flights”

  1. justina says :

    I’m so happy to hear this,i just hope it will continue this way without any disturbances again.

    • Paul says :

      I really hope so my self, arik has been a blessing to Nigerians,can you imagine we do not have a national carrier,and the minister is trying to frustrate the efforts of a growing and leading airliner…mchewwww

  2. LAF says :

    The weekends events underscotre the need for multiple alternatives to get from A to B as a strategic fallback.. Other possible reasons could ground an airline: from natural events to man-made.

    The recent Lufthansa strikes would have been far worse for travellers, especially those on European flights, if the rail and road systems were inadequate. many were still able to get to their destinations by other means.

    Roughly, the better the Nigerian roads, the better the airlines will be. There must be some sort of correlation there

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