First picture of Hak Air B737-400

Hak Air’s first B737-400 (5N-BOV) was spotted at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia. The airline is a new entrant on the domestic market and acquired four nineteen-year-old B734s (to be registered 5N-BOT, 5N-BOU, 5N-BOV, 5N-BOW) from Garuda Citylink last year. The livery of the airline is not very exciting.

Hak Air – B737-400 – 5N-BOV (copyright Skyliner Aviation)

Hak Air was incorporated in 1990 to provide Aircraft for passenger and cargo on schedule and charter flights, wet and dry lease operations. Its owner, Harry Kuti, was prosecuted for his involvement in the demise of Nigeria Airways in 2003. He charged prolonged rentals and overpriced maintenance expenses, according to an investigation.



24 responses to “First picture of Hak Air B737-400”

  1. Alaba says :

    Please HIGHLIGHT the section on the investigation mentioned above. It is too crucial just to be named in passing. All visitors to this site should read the above and about the persons mentioned.
    Were there ever prosecutions and /or recovery of assets? In spite of government accepted recommendations, some of these individuals went on again to hold public office.
    This report closes my heart on the ‘good old days’ for good of Nigeria Airways.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Unfortunately, the report of panel led by Justice Obiora Nwazota (1999-2003) is not available online, but it’s mentioned frequently in the Nigerian newspapers. The report certainly includes some lessons for the advocates of a new national airline.

  2. Smith says :

    I thought these 19yr old plans exceed the maximum age of a plane an airline can bring into the country to begin passenger services?

  3. Greg says :

    The limit is still 20 years, Smith, come on! And as a member of this site, do please reject any notion of aircraft being old: it is maintenance that counts, not calender age, brother!

    • Smith says :

      I was only speaking to the enforcement of the “law”. But since the max is 20yrs no “law” was broken.

  4. LAF says :

    The ‘livery’ is not very exciting. You might also wish to start with the name. There happens to be a veteran European canned and bottled vegetable company with this exact name, however, there may be the need to setup a panel that reviews airline names and if necessary, require changes before AOCs are granted. In all likelihood, HAK plays on the mind since it sounds like hack and sounds off. See these definitions

    • Anonymous says :

      Looking at previous and current Nigerian airlines, nominate your candidates for best & worst liveries.
      (you can guess I’m at a mind numbing conference hence trying to kill time.)

      Best- Aero
      Worst – Okada

  5. Dorothy says :

    which is the the company with two B737/400 arrived from Europe last month with a chief pilot that is always drunk(only HEINEKEN) and a head of training that with his x-company had a rejected T/O in Accra on February due to a warning light at 120 kts bursting 3 tyres

  6. Greg says :

    Anonymous, don’t worry, it will take much more to get the lawyers interested.

    IMO, Okada was not bad. Problem was, the Queen Idia mask was not standardized, so, various artists sketched varied renditions of the real thing on the numerous aircraft tails. And perhaps brass, or was it bronze, against a blue background was not ideal. The real thing appeared on an old One Naira note, when One Naira had power; believe me, it was beautiful.

    Eze, I like your response to Dorothy’s teaser. Let’s give the Lady in the house room to breathe, I’m with you sir! (Alaba, come on. A little mischief will do us no harm!!)

    • Alaba says :

      Oga Aviation in Nigeria

      I am sending emails but its showing up under Anonymous’ name including the one about the best and worst liveries. I hope Anon dosent mind until it’s the email about my long lost uncle’s billions!

  7. LAF says :

    Best livery of all time: (still) Nigeria Airways. (The entire Skypower era prior to the ‘rebrand’..

    Can explain in more detail.

    From the living airlines, would give it to Arik as current best

    Worst: Everything from spaceworld and below

  8. travis says :

    I don’t know why a nation like ours should be deceiving ourselves when it comes to issues in the aviation industry.for me age of an aircraft does not count but maintenance.if we’re to view the historical records of airplanes used by major airlines in the U.S and Europe,you’ll realize that none is below 15 years(average).we’ve had incidents of aircrash involving aircraft less than 7 what are we talking about?its only in Nigeria that we over bloat issues.

  9. Greg says :

    Any word on when ops will start? Also, have the aircraft arrived Nigeria?

  10. Daniel ayuba says :

    I need HAK air’s head office address, also are they collecting applications now? Need to apply as a flight dispatcher!

  11. pete rock says :

    i want to know if hak air is hiring pilots any time soon and what is the mail i can send my application too thanks.

  12. Anonymous says :

    i applied as a ticket reservation officer,but no feedback yet.when are you going to start operation.i hope to be among the pioneers base on my experience.

    • jo says :

      Hi :)
      Please, can you forward me the mail you sent ur application ? am pilot and would like too start witht them? Thank you

  13. Anonymous says :

    Any news update with their start up and anyone with Discovery Airline contact address.

    • rumplestilskin says :

      what;s the use of honesty when stupidity makes them happier? The official writeup says it all: Adnele Harrison Kuti scammed the country and continues to scam using his old loot. Depriving people is his genetic disease. He excels at it

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