Rivers State’s new Global 5000

Rivers State Government has acquired a new Bombardier Global 5000 (N565RS). The brand new jet, which has a price tag of $45.7 million, will arrive at Port Harcourt Airport on 7 October 2012. The new jet will replace the state’s current Embraer Legacy 600 (5N-RSG) of the state governor, which has become too expensive to maintain according to government officials. Rivers State also owns an AW139 helicopter (5N-RSN), which is now leased to Aero. In exchange, however, Aero operates a Sikorsky S76C+ (5N-VIP) in VIP configuration for the Rivers State Government. A Bombardier Dash 8-Q200 (5N-GRS) was sold by Rivers State to Cross River State for $6 million. Aero will operate this turboprop for the Cross River State Government on the Calabar-Bebi (Obudu Ranch) route.

Rivers State Government – Bombardier Global 5000 – N565RS (copyright J. Chevrier)


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16 responses to “Rivers State’s new Global 5000”

  1. Alaba says :

    The Embraer becomes too expensive to maintain so they go out and buy the Bombadier which costs $20m more. A lightning strike was meant to be the main problem with the Embraer which surely only affects avionics which can be replaced for much less than that $20m differential. Sigh.

  2. Sam says :

    Wondeful, while Nigeria suffers from wide spread poverty and a lack of basic infrastructure, the governor sees it fit to order a private jet worth almost USD 50 million. Unbelievable.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Mind numbing..How autonomous are these state governments when it comes to miplaced priorities and ignoring basic demands like health and education?

  4. Greg says :

    LAF, if you guys had kept mute, I would have, too. I don’t blame Rivers folks, who are as sophisticated and well read as any of their Nigerian patriots. I think that by now, they are thoroughly numb to stuff like this, just like I am. Alaba, double sigh…

  5. Greg says :

    In 1982 or 3, the civilian government of Melford Okilo received an EMB 121 Xingu, a slippery looking, T-tail twin turboprop from Brazil. Short range, exec, 8 seats and potty.

    UPN states like mine made political meal of the purchase (Okilo was the ruling NPN, if memory serves). My state (Edo today, Bendel then) newspaper suggested that Okilo was no better than a playboy given to an opulent lifestyle while his people suffered. There was a black and white photo of the plane, which I still have.

    But if Okilo was anything like today’s buccaneers, he’d have bought a Challenger or Falcon 50 and let the incredulous gripe all they want. His set of leaders were less selfish and narrow minded than today’s, obviously. At least he went turboprop, and not jet.

    Aero operated the Xingu, but when Buhari overthrew Shagari, it went to the Police, who parked it across the tarmac at their Ikeja facility. For some weeks…some months…and then, some years…at the end 0f 1990, its blackened body and flat tyres were still on the same spot. Between then and Nov 1996, I didn’t visit Lagos Airport. When I came in ’96 however, it was gone….

  6. Alaba says :

    Since you mention the old political parties Greg, didnt the NPN have an HS 125-300 or 400 which was also abandoned at Lagos?
    Apart from that, what would be the justification for these planes on the part of current leaders?

    • LAF says :

      Not intending to generate too many multi-replies like the last few weeks.
      Don’t have a good knowledge of what obtains in GA land regarding state transport but carpenter sense tells me they should size the air transport spending in the context of the state economy.

      If it’s more cost effective jetting about with this plane than flying commercially, then all well and good. Otherwise, this is simply too much plane for now and nothing more than a cool, expensive toy.

      • Alaba says :

        I agree LAF.Aero couldnt make the Obudu route work profitably, why will the state government/ Aero Dash 8 do any better only during the holiday season? Im guessing off season, Aero will use the plane for its other routes for what financial considerations?
        I wish state indigenes will write in on this forum but maybe they are just fed up as well.

  7. Greg says :

    Alaba, the HS was a gift from political maverick Arthur Nzeribe, to his party, NPP. That party’s leader, late sage Nnamdi Azikiwe, thankful though, pointed out the party could not afford to fly it. Late pilot/aviation correspondent J Agbeyegbe noted in an issue of The Punch then, that it was no 6 off the HS (BAe) Hartsfield assembly line.
    I was on ground the day Arik’s 3 CRJ900s were delivered. The HS was parked at the CAFU/Air Force wall’s side of the hangar’s apron.
    Around summer ’83, the ruling NPN hired a Lear 35 from Germany’s Contact Air for weeks if not months. Apparently, its blue-white-green paint scheme co-incided with NPN’s house colours, so the other parties went to town alleging NPN had bought a jet.
    My number six says Okilo probably had more need for a plane than Amaechi does and at any rate, LAF points out that a Global 5000 is too much airplane for Rivers today; I concur

  8. oniwahala says :

    I hear its a Global 6000 and not a Global 5000, about $5m more. Rumor has it that it’s currently on ground PHC. Can anyone confirm?

  9. Greg says :

    Yep, AIN, I think its G-ASNU alright. The flag on the tail probably the party one. Thanks for the NPN HS gist. Just hearing it for the first time

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