Two new Gulfstreams in Nigeria

Two new Gulfstream jets are based in Nigeria:

  • A GIV (N990EA) owned by Ernest and Nnenna Azudialu-Obiejesi of Nestoil. The aircraft sports the logo of their charity, the Obi-Jackson Foundation, with the motto ‘Chi na-enye’ (god gives).
  • A G450 (N224BH) belonging to Akwa Ibom State. It’s rumoured that the state government has a second jet on order.

GIV – N990EA (copyright Bob Holland)

G450 – Akwa Ibom State Government – N224BH (copyright Bob Holland)


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22 responses to “Two new Gulfstreams in Nigeria”

  1. Electro04 says :

    N224BH spends most of it’s time in Uyo, flies for the Akwa Ibom Government.

  2. bill says :

    Are they brand new tear rubber jets?

  3. Greg says :

    I’d like to say, given the widespread poverty in oil-rich Akwa Ibom, and the surfeit of avenues to spend money on, a governor’s plane, let alone a posh type like the G450, is the last thing Akwa Ibom needs.

    (I asume it serves the governor exclusively, so that, the state likely foots the bills; and the state might have bought it also).

    Far as I know, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore flew SIA, and everyone knows even western Europe and the US doff their hats to his transformation of his people’s minds, never mind Sigaporean structures and the social fabric. The British Prime Minister doesn’t have an exclusive jet, I believe; according to Wikipedia, the philosophy of the Brit govt’s travel department is to save costs in every direction as much as possible. The French President was aboard a commercial flight arriving from Tokyo, on the same runway the ill-fated Concorde departed from, in 1999.

    The LAF, in examining Rivers State’s Glbal 5000, sugested the context of state’s financial attributes as the basis for aircraft purchase. On this ground, I dare say Uyo fails, flat.

    Its more crap for our people, whichever way you look at it. My humble take, sirs.

    • LAF says :

      Too bad the NCAA are virtually unreachable as ever.

      Would be nice to know their take on FBO development. The GA landscape looks to be getting more untidy by the day. When one filters throught the numbers as the fastest growing market currently and get right down to examine the quality of this growth, if in couple of years time there are serious problems related to inadequate planning in this area.

  4. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Apparently, N-registered (N151LB) S76C VIP helicopter is also operated for Nestoil.

  5. Greg says :

    One more thing. A former staff of Dash 7 operator Skyline (2000-03) spoke of an incident at Calabar airport, which puts Akw Ibm’s G450 into perspective. Ak Ibm was carved out of Cross River Sate. The CR state governor Donald Duke, a lawyer by trainig, was travelling, and was booked in a local jet carrier. Before departure, in the cabin of the jet, there was a mild stir. Duke was angry with one of his aides. Trouble was, he’d been booked in First Class. He usually travelled economy, the aide should have known that. I’ve forgotten how it transpired, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ticket was downgraded to economy. In eight straight years’ plane spotting at Benin airport, I only ever saw Duke charter once: a Do 228 flown by defunct DANA of Kaduna.

  6. oniwahala says :

    I’m am very very very very sure Akwa Ibom state were serioulsy searching for a G550. It might have been downgraded to a G450. Or the G450 may be a loaner pending delivery of the G550

  7. Alaba says :

    I found old pictures from 1977 & 1978 of Dantata’s HS 125 5N-AGU (in those pre security days, the name of the owner was blazed on the tail) and a 707 with a plaque next to the forward door with ownership details. Things change and at the same time dont.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Was the Dantata family the first to have a private jet in Nigeria? Since the 1970s, they operated at least the following aircraft:
      – Lockheed Jetstar 6 (N5UD)
      – Bac 1-11 (N1543)
      – HS125 (5N-AGU)
      – HS125 (5N-ASZ)
      – B707 (N727UD)
      – Dornier ??? – crashed near Jos in 1996
      – G550 (N169SD)
      – B350 ???

      Only Ishiaku Rabiu (owner of IRS Airlines) may have operated more private jets.

      • Greg says :

        AIN, the Dantata family may have been first to fly prvt jets in Nigeria, but the first individual was MKO Abiola.

        In 1972, he set off with a HS125. In that decade, he flew two HSes together. One of them bore tail nmbr 5N-RCN (Radio Corp of Nigeria), Abiola’s telecom business. He also built what probably was the nation’s first private hangar in the same decade.

        In 1985 or 6, I was in Benin Airport’s control tower when the British captain of an HS125-600, op’d by Abiola, strolled into the room. He’d just brought the great man to town. Late Peter Okorokoto, an unlicenced tech who died in the Let turbo crash near Eket in 2002, told me MKO sold the -600 to Kings Aviation, where it wore 5N-MAY.

        One of the earliest HSes (probably RCN), crashed on approach to Cassablanca, sometime in 83-85. Capt was European, F/O, an East Nigerian. Both died.

        By 1982, MKO’s flight dpt was named Concord Airlines. By the end of the 80s, the flight deck was all Nigerian, typified by HS wizard, Shina Akinshete.

        The last HS flown by MKO was a pre-400 or 400; it was then re-engined with turbofans in place of the Viper turbojets, and its tail, heightened. I saw that jet in MKO’s hangar in 1997.

        Late 1990, MKO announced a plan by Concord, which had expanded to scheduleds with four FH 227s, to acquire a B767 and 757 for int ops. But the Boeings never came.

        During the fateful elections of ’93 (I was out of the country), MKO is said to have flown an exec BAC 1-11 with British reg

  8. Alaba says :

    Not jets but many had small GA aircraft dating back to the 60s. The Lawansons’ in Lagos had a C172 in 1971 at the Lagos Flying Club.

  9. Alaba says :

    Fernandez had an N Reg GII back in the 80s although based in the US.

  10. LAF says :

    Ouch! :-|

    Another great story of once great businesses that are no more.
    When will we start seeing 50+ year old corporations, and those even entering the triple-digit zone? Just imgine if Concord had been successful.

    You didn’t metion the Concord 737(s). What’s the sory on this type?

    • Greg says :

      LAF, this is the first time I’m hearing of Concord 737s, as I was outside the country 1990-96. Pls fill me in.

      AIN, I watched the 1983 Onyeka Onwenu/BBC TV collabo “A squandering of riches”, which lamented the obvious.

      In it, the scion of the Isyaku Rabiu dynasty was shown boarding the family Falcon 50. European pilots. The c/a, European too, asked if he would like a drink, as he settled into his seat. Next, the door shots, and we see the snappy takeoff of the trijet. Broadcast was in the early days of the Buhari miltry govt, NTA, 1984.

      • LAF says :

        Man, the more these historical stories keep popping up, the less impressed one gets with present commercial and general aviation scene. Ok I admit, I wasn’t impressed to start with, having yet to not felt the wow factor of the level the 80s.

        If care is not taken, the current crop of commercial pilots may never end up experiencing qualitative career experience both domestically and internationally like some their WT counterparts and may only outclass htem in the area of their net salaries, and not much else. But with a greater economic boom expected, there’s positive change in sight

        On the Concord 737

        If I’m not mistaken and my eyes didn’t play tricks on me, there used to be a 737-100/200 at the GA ramp at Port Harcourt airport. Either plain/metallic brown with green titles. Sighted there in 1992. Then already, it didn’t look like it was air worthy and saw regular action. It may have been the only example of the airline.

      • Aviation in Nigeria says :

        Concord Airlines had two Fairchild F227s (5N-BMK and 5N-BMO) and three Fokker F27s (5N-ARL, 5N-ATL and 5N-BAH), while the RCN group operated two HS125s (5N-RCN/AMX and 5N-AMY).

        As for the Rabiu family (onwer of IRS Airlines):
        HS-125-400B (5N-BUA)
        GIII (5N-IMR)
        Falcon 50 (5N-ARE)
        They now operate an EMB135 (N357TE).

  11. Greg says :

    My all time favourite op was Ibadan billionaire Harry Akande’s Learjet 25D, 5N-AOC cn 322.

    It was flown by a succession of local jocks, including Igbinogun (deceased), Adoga, Ojadi and the odd American. I looked out for it ’87-90, then, 96-2003, circa when it was sent to a German airfield ( Spent many years there, then emerged with an N-reg in 2010 (, apparently, flying again. Most likely, sold.

    AOC’s MX often was at the CAFU hangar. Some of its pilots did takeoffs that made you think the jet was a Mig. Mind blowing stuff. In that era, Akande also flew a GII SP, and a B737-200. The GII was featured in a Y2000 edition of Ovation magazine. It was also flown by the husband of Nollywood actress Omotola, Capt Ekeinde, as F/O (this needs confirmation). Akande’s present plane is a corp A318

    In ’83, the only other resident 25D in our skies ever, crashed in the employ of Imani Aviation (Guardian newspaper), and was lost in post crash fire, Lag airport (all on board survived). It had AOC’s original paint scheme (

    I miss that machine. It was one hell of an airplane

  12. Anonymous says :

    the jet owner is my boyfriend

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