This week’s update

Some news bits:

  • An IRS Airlines F100 (5N-SAT) brushed a sewage truck stuck along the taxiway with its wingtip at Lagos Airport on Wednesday, 10 October. No one was hurt in this minor incident and the damage to the aircraft was minimal.
  • The Federal Government plans to abolish all duties and taxes on the import of aircraft and aircraft spares in 2013. The proposed 2013 Federal Ministry of Aviation Budget can be found online here.
  • Four new airlines will commence domestic operations in Nigeria in the coming months with the support of the Ministry of Aviation, which intends to break the virtual duopoly of Arik Air and Aero.
  • Dana Air is ready to recommence commercial flights next week if all the necessary approvals are obtained in time.
  • According to the owners, the MMA Terminal 2 doesn’t generate enough income to maintain the terminal.
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Corporations has donated 300 seats for the departure hall of Benin Airport.
  • The MD of Air Nigeria has resigned from his position, as it’s unlikely that the airline will ever resume operations.
  • Two new companies are based at the EAN Hangar at Lagos: AeroFleet and Esperanza Air Services.
  • Anyone an idea who owns this Challenger 300 (VP-BJT)? The jet has been based at Lagos for a while.
  • The DA42, with a camera mounted on its nose and green/grey cheatlines, on the image below (click to enlarge) is registered 9H-AEV, and operated from Abuja Airport by AeroPrecisa

General Aviation Ramp – Abuja Airport (copyright olivewitch)


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13 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Greg says :

    Can anyone tell the number of serviceable jets in the IRS fleet? Far as I know, they have three jets named: “Hajiya baba”, “Khalifa”, and “Shukuriya”

  2. Eze says :

    what are the 4 companies scheduled to commence domestic scheduled flights? I wonder if Red.1 Express is shelved as a project?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Likely, Med-View, Hak Air, TopBrass, SkyBird and/or the new national carrier. There hasn’t been any news about Red 1 Express since 2009.
      Perhaps Arthur Eze, the owner of defunct Triax Airlines, may ponder to set up a new airline. He already has two private jets. The gov. of Imo State also announced Imo Air, but he tend to make a lot of void promises.

  3. AfricanAviation (@AfrAviaTribune) says :

    Aviation in Nigeria, any news on Air Taraba and what its network intentions are? Is it going to remain exclusively domestic, or will it expand regionally?

  4. Nathaniel says :

    I want to know where SkyBird is based?

  5. Greg says :

    Nathniel, I may not know where Skybird are based, but some two weeks back, I spotted two Do 328 jets on the apron where Arik operates from. They both had mainly desert brown, and some chocolate brown paint scheme. Since Skybird are said to have three 328s, my bet is those jets are theirs’.

  6. MARINA says :

    Please let TURKISH airlines start operating at least from ABUJA…LAGOS is too far for some of us and inconvenient

  7. Alaba says :

    Havent seen any images of that type DA 42 with the huge nose pod. Could it be the one that bellied in at Benin repaired, repainted and had this equipment bolted on?

  8. Marchio Stagnum says :

    Please take a look web page…

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