Arik Air and Dana Air win honours

Two prizes for Nigerian carriers:

  • Arik Air has been adjudged the Best Security and Safety Conscious Airline in West and Central Africa for the second consecutive year;
  • Dana Air was named Nigeria’s best domestic carrier of 2011 by the FAAN.

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8 responses to “Arik Air and Dana Air win honours”

  1. Ben says :

    Beaware that Eagle air aviation in minna is just a scam. No certification. The jar/easa they tell people they issue! Is only a fool that can listen to that. NCAA where are you? Arrest them.

  2. Pee Kubed says :

    Really ?! after a this years crash? best domestic airline? Is FAAN asleep on the job?!!

  3. Eze says :

    FAAN has accepted a bribe from the Indians. There is no way any sane Aviation authority anywhere in the world would bestow an award to an airline that just suffered a fatal crash, with the investigation report pending! Nigerians should continue on the path of activism and demand total accountability from their corrupt, elitist rulers. Nigerians will continue to die from nonsensical and avoidable accidents should justice not be served in all sectors of society.

  4. Tony A says :

    If i am not mistaken the award is for 2011 and not 2012. In my oppinion i think Dana was the best airline in Nigeria in 2011 and early 2012 before the crash. I think they deserve it. It will also serve as a moral booster to them as they are coming back to operations after what happened. Let us stop sacrificing merit at the alter of sentiments in Nigeria.

  5. Livingstone says :

    Hmmm, is dis honour really due Dana Air? FAAN, I dnt knw. I think . . .

  6. Anonymous says :

    I am surprised at Dana Air Award, though it shows FAAN has been honest, I dont think Dana will like to come in news and pay for the awrd at this time, which can genrate more negative publicity, they were best and most organised before the accident

  7. Cine-Kal says :

    What ever happened to the Dana investigation? Did any other airlines profit from the disaster? Arik passengers up from 5000 to 7000…..

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