FirstNation Airways loses aircraft to lessor

FirstNation Airways lost its fleet of three A320s to the lessor, Aviation Capital Group. The aircraft (5N-FNA, -FNB and -FNC) are likely repossessed; they were re-registered to the US FAA register as N409AG, N466AG and N997AG earlier this month. FirstNation Airways suspended its flight operations in June 2012, and ferried at least two A320s to Istanbul for maintenance.



3 responses to “FirstNation Airways loses aircraft to lessor”

  1. Eze says :

    The nail in the coffin? Odukoya refused advice to go on the path of Mergers and Acquisitions…and continued on his path of I-know-it-all, briefcase airline. His experience in the airline industry since 1993 should be a lesson for all. The era of 1-man shows is over. In comes team-management, in a dynamic and ever changing industry. The challenges are immense and the smaller carriers have no choice but to merge to attain sufficient economies of scale level and be taken seriously by the banks. I say thank you Kayode for providing employment to so many Nigerians over 2 decades.

    • ade says :

      serves him right he thinks he is the smartest man on earth, he never liquidated bellview even when he knew it had failed just so he wouldn’t have to pay his staff off he even refused to pay the staff for up to 6 months

  2. Skywalker says :

    Sorry I didn’t know were to place this but looks like governor of Taraba state had a plane crash with someof his aids.

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