Overland takes delivery of the first of six ATR 72s

Overland Airways accepted its first ATR 72-200 (5N-BPE; ex-FWNUA); the aircraft arrived at Lagos Airport on 27 October 2012. The turboprop aircraft is configured to carry 70 passengers, and the airline announced it has five more ATR 72s on order. Overland already has three ATR 42-300 and two Beech 1900Ds in its fleet. The airline mainly serves thin domestic routes from Abuja and Lagos to Asaba, Bauchi, Ibadan and Ilorin.

Overland Airways – ATR 72-200 – 5N-BPE (copyright Toulouse-31)


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9 responses to “Overland takes delivery of the first of six ATR 72s”

  1. Frank says :

    The 2 Beech 1900s are already back from maintenance

  2. anonymous says :

    The turboprops offer the best economics hands down especially in the 70-seater and below class. This has obviously worked very well for Capt Boyo. Aero made a killing from their Dash 8 operations, their financial woes started when they introduce scheduled jet operations. Arik Air’s Q400 routes are probably the only consistently profitable routes on their network.
    The bottom line is that despite the myth that passengers do not like turboprops, the highest load factors in Nigeria are and have always been on turboprop aircraft.

    • Flyboy says :

      @ anonymous, arik makes a lot on the Lagos Abuja route including westcoast and some domestic networks.Nigerians especially travels with a lot of bags and cargos. Making the jets a better option for bigger airlines and passenger comfort..same for aero..

  3. Greg says :

    Anonymous, I agree that turboprops are it. But wouldn’t it be grand if the benefits of Brasilia, Saab 340/2000s and the others could be sold to Nigeria’s cash bloated billionaires, so that they start serving Minna, Akure, Ibadan, Bauchi, etc with such types, perhaps with deletion of landing and nav fees to encourage them? Still, the stupid 20-yr age restriction shoots this idea down, ab initio

  4. anonymous says :

    More passengers does not necessarily translate into more profit. The break even load factor for ATR72/Q400 is about half of a similar size jet e.g CRJ900/E170. That why all the american regional airlines are dumping any jet with less than 70 seats e.g. CRJ200s and ERJs.
    Unfortunately in Nigeria, airlines have always been run on emotions and not on hard business facts and ecomomics. I dont think there are up to 10 airports in Nigeria at the moment that justify the use of B737 size aircraft.
    There is a myth that Nigerian passengers will not enter turboprops. Bullsh!t (excuse my french). Do your research and you will see that the real money makers are those “table fan” contraptions.
    Dont mention arik and profit in the same paragraph. Arik is currently enjoying a monopoly which was not created by thier own doing but the misfortune of others. Let wait a few month for new carriers to find their feet. There are a few regional routes that justify the use of midsize jets but that is because of a monopoly. When there is competition and the loads drop to the usual average of 70-80, guess who will be smiling to the bank.
    Asky operates B737NG and Q400s on the “Lucrative” west coast, and they are in dire starits financially, or so I hear. but i can bet you the Q is not the weakest link.

  5. Alaba Bham says :

    The Q has much higher operating economics than the ATR 72.

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