Second Do328 for Prime Air Services

The Abuja-based charter operator Prime Air Services acquired a second Dornier 328-300 Jet (M-BETY). The leased aircraft will soon be ferried from Germany to Nigeria. The airline already operates a Do 328-100 (D-CIRJ), which is leased from MHS Aviation.

Prime Air Services – Dornier 328-300 Jet – M-BETY (copyright Ian Lienhard –


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7 responses to “Second Do328 for Prime Air Services”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Hello, please whats the address of Prime air. Thanks

  2. Greg Smith says :

    That’s very good and even the jet aircraft looks very elegant.

  3. Greg says :

    Err, gentlemen, I’d rather these new birds get on 5N-…

  4. Skywalker says :

    M-BETY should already be in Nigeria. I think i remember spotting it at Abuja a while ago.

  5. inspector says :

    Erm I have always struggled to understand the legality of this operation. In order to carry passengers for hire or reward you need an AOC for both scheduled and non-scheduled operations. Does Prime Air have an AOC? They used to operate up to 5 Learjets and probably a couple of legacies at one point.
    There are a lot of biz jets flouting this AOC rule in Nigeria at the moment.
    And no, contrary to popular belief, an ATL or ATOL isnt all that is required for charter operations. It has to be private, aerial work or AOC.

  6. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    @ Skywalker, thanks, it seems that the aircraft has been in Nigerian since the summer. It wasn’t spotted earlier though. The Dornier was in Germany until today, likely for maintenance.

    @ inspector, most of the new charter airlines don’t have an AOC (yet). Generally, they operate on the AOC of another airline, for example, Wings Aviation or Skypower Express. Apparantly, the NCAA condones these agreements as well as the operation of foreign registered aircraft.

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