Med-View to commence operations on 8 November 2012

Med-View Airline announced that it will start scheduled passenger services on Thursday, 8 November 2012. The airline will operate its two twenty-one year-old B737-400s on the Lagos-Abuja and Lagos-Port Harcourt route. Flights can be booked through Med-View’s new (and horrendously designed) website. Med-View Airline will utilise the MMA2 Terminal at Lagos Airport. This is the airline’s flight schedule:

  • LOS-ABV VL2100 07:00-08:15 (Weekdays)
  • ABV-LOS VL2101 09:00-10:15 (Weekdays)
  • LOS-ABV VL2102 12:00-13:15 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • ABV-LOS VL2103 14:00-15:15 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • LOS-ABV VL2104 16:30-17:45 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • ABV-LOS VL2105 18:30-19:30 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • LOS-ABV VL2100 08:00-08:15 (Saturdays)
  • ABV-LOS VL2102 10:00-11:15 (Saturdays)
  • LOS-ABV VL2102 12:30-13:45 (Saturdays)
  • ABV-LOS VL2103 14:30-15:45 (Saturdays)
  • LOS-PHC VL2110 08:00-09:10 (Weekdays)
  • PHC-LOS VL2111 10:00-11:10 (Weekdays)
  • LOS-PHC VL2112 12:30-13:40 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • PHC-LOS VL2113 14:40-15:50 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • LOS-PHC VL2114 17:00-18:10 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • PHC-LOS VL2115 19:00-20:10 (Weekdays and Sundays)
  • LOS-PHC VL2110 08:30-09:40 (Saturdays)
  • PHC-LOS VL2111 10:30-11:40 (Saturdays)
  • LOS-PHC VL2112 13:30-14:40 (Saturdays)
  • PHC-LOS VL2113 15:30-16:40 (Saturdays)

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12 responses to “Med-View to commence operations on 8 November 2012”

  1. LAF says :

    Hello blog. If you get in touch with them on their site quality, you might also contact the others as well as wesbite standards are generally off the mark.

    Whos job is it/should be to check these airlines sites? Right now, only consumer protection-type agencies come to mind.
    The NCAA? Theirs doesn’t look that great either.

  2. LAF says :

    Again, another typical boring route network.Why bother to be more creative when the big three destinations still have room to grow?
    Would be good to know the economic viability of other connectivity options and map these comprehensively.
    No detailed studies out there one can lay hands on for now.

  3. AfricanAviation (@AfrAviaTribune) says :

    Lol that website is aweful mayne – it looks more like a 419 scam than a legitimate airline’s booking portal.

    • LAF says :

      It gets worse when you trurn on your speakers and mouse over the menus.

      The NCAA have been contacted. Travellers deserve better from all the airlines.

      • LAF says :


        The consumer protection adress the NCAA lists still doesn’t function.
        Guess it’s up to phones or nothing.

  4. Abs says :

    That website of theirs is GHASTLY .

  5. sesan ogundipe says :

    goodmorning pls i wuld love to get in touch with the person dat owns this blog my name is sesan ogundipe pls d person an contact me on this mobile number 08078564001

  6. Naijajet says :

    Does anyone have an Idea if they have started operations today as schedule?

  7. sesan ogundipe says :

    affirmative i saw them in d air today

  8. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    @LAF, NCAA never replies to any email, even if you email directly to the Secretary General.

    By the way, is there a link between Med-View and the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole?

    • LAF says :

      Thanks. Roger.
      That’s been the experience has been the general customer service trends in contacting the various airlines and avi bodies.
      So where does one go from here to sort this out?

      Don’t know if there’s a link but info on this should filter out with time.
      This Airwise article published on monday about the airline industry characterized the majors

  9. Anonymous says :

    Maybe do a feature on the airlines’ sites sometime.

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