This week’s update

This week’s round-up:

  • Aviation in Nigeria Blog is now on twitter:
  • The Azikel Group has launched a charter airline called Azikel Air. The Bayelsa State-based company operates a Hawker 800XP (N500AZ; ex-N919RT), and plans to commence scheduled operations in the near future.
  • A new Hawker 900XP (N638MA) is now based at Lagos. It appears to replace the Lagos-based Beechcraft B350 with the same registration. Both aircraft are operated by Midway Airlines, likely owned by Michael Ade-Ojo of Elizade Motors or Adesoye of by E.O. Adesoye Okin Holdings.
  • It seems that apart from Executive Jets Services (Aliko Dangote) and Southern Air (Mike Adenuga), several other private aircraft owners in Nigeria have created charter airlines, such as Midway Airlines, AirFirst Nigeria, Gyro Air, Triax Airlines, et cetera.
  • Ifeanyi Ubah has acquired an Embraer Legacy 650 according to the rumour mill. Has anyone spotted the aircraft yet?
  • The Dantata family, however, has put its G550 (N169SD), which recently received a new paint job, up for sale.
  • King Airline has launched a new website. The charter airline operates two Hawker 800As (5N-BMR – in new colours – and 5N-BNE).
  • Taraba State has contracted OAS Helicopters to operate the EMB 145 (5N-BOZ) destined for Air Taraba. It seems the aircraft will be used for charter rather than scheduled operations to Jalingo.
  • Associated Aviation have suspended all charter operations. The Learjet 45 (5N-BLW) is now operated by Hangar8.
  • Overland Airways announced at the acceptance ceremony of its first ATR 72-200 that it has five more ATR 72s on order, of which one is being prepared for delivery in Toulouse. Reportedly, the airline is also expecting to lease B737-800 in order to expand its domestic operations.
  • The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority will soon launch its Safety Management System Dashboard, which will enable the NCAA to monitor all Nigerian registered aircraft equipped with satellite based tracking solutions and data collection hardware.
  • Airports across the country have been equipped with forty new fire trucks, but more than a 1000 firefighters are needed in the coming years.
  • FAAN has concluded plans to expand the apron of the cargo terminal at Lagos Airport next year.
  • The Nigerian Senate/House committee on aviation has passed several resolutions: it requested the EFCC to recover a fine of $235 million from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic for price-fixing, it advised against granting Arik Air the status of national carrier, it will investigate why Aero’s aircraft frequently have technical issues, and it ordered an investigation into why the Minister of Aviation has refused international airlines landing rights at Kano Airport and favours the southern regions of the country over the northern. The Minister has denied the last two allegations in a response; in fact, Turkish Airlines have been granted permission to operate into Kano.
  • Dana Air has given an update on the measures it took to obtain a new AOC.
  • Chanchangi Airlines is planning to make a re-start, as one of its B737-300s (5N-BMB) returned from maintenance in South Africa today. More details to follow soon.
  • The Federal Government is still planning to create a pool of thirty aircraft for the domestic airlines before the end of the year, but it’s not realistic to expect the national carrier to be launched this year. Reportedly, the approached foreign carriers declined to enter into a deal with the Federal Government.
  • A Reuters reporter wrote a background article on the financial problems in the Nigerian aviation industry. It’s worth reading although nothing new is in it.

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14 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I know I’m being pedantic but in the word aircraft, the singular is the same as in plural. Just noted aircraft(s) in the Dana press release.

  2. LAF says :

    Thanks for the updates and for (finally) getting tweeting. Will likely still need to get in touch on web technical/communication strategy to get more out of what’s available out there. You know how to to reach me in any case.

  3. josh says :

    dantata selling his G550? semms like trouble in paradie or maybe he acquired another jet

  4. Skywalker says :

    Excellent updates as ever. I heard associated operate 5n-Izy with an assocated callsign the other day and N638MA with a OHS194(oscar hotel sierra 194) i thought that was OAS callsign. But i could be wrong. Keep em coming.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Thank you. 5N-IZY is a Hawker owned by Alex Izinyon/Izy Air.
      All these new outfits don’t have an AOC, so they are formally operated by one of the existing airlines. Even if those airlines don’t have any aircraft of their own, such as Wings Aviation and Skypower Express.

  5. skywalker says :

    This also makes for an interesting read.
    Letter To Nigerians: Air Nigeria Is Buried Today As Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) Expires By John Nnorom

  6. Electro04 says :

    N169SD is now owned my MRS Oil, it also has the logo on the tail.

    • LAF says :

      Thought you were clowning around talking about a Mrs. Oil. What a funny name for an individual that would be.

      As it currently stands, how can one assess the state of planeless airlines surrogating their AOCs for these non-AOCs all over the place?
      What are trends on the ratio of AOC to non-AOC and how healthy is this?

      • Greg says :

        LAF, planeless airlines surrogating their AOCs to new comers is okay if the new ones go through the formalities for their own AOC within a reasonable timeframe. In thiswise, operators who only want money without the regulatory obligations can be spotted and weeded out. The ratio of AOC to non AOC is anyone’s guess: you can bet NCAA will never surrender the figures but ultimately, what is imperative, is trying to assess before-hand and then, following up on the sincerity of new operators, to ensure that they do get their own AOC, timeously

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Sayyu Dantata is the owner of MRS Oil, so is there any difference? Are you sure about the logo on the tail. Here are pictures of the old and new livery:

      • Electro04 says :

        I was half asleep when I posted that so I didn’t see that you mentioned Dantata. Yes, the MRS logo is on the tail.

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