DANA leases a Do328 to Punto Azul

Dornier Aviation Nigeria (DANA), Kaduna, has been leasing a Do328 (5N-DOW) to Punto Azul since last year. The Equatorial Guinean airline operates domestic flights, as well as a two weekly service from Malabo to Port Harcourt.  Flights are on Monday and Thursday, schedule:

  • DAV302 Malabo-Port Harcourt 11:00-11:55
  • DAV303 Port Harcourt-Malabo 13:00-13:55

DANA also maintains the two Do228s belonging to Sao Tomé-based carrier, Africa’s Connection. The Gabonese airline, RegionAir, that briefly served Port Harcourt from Port Gentil in 2010, is no longer flying to Nigeria.

DANA/Punto Azul – Do328-110 – 5N-DOW (copyright lee weston)


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One response to “DANA leases a Do328 to Punto Azul”

  1. Greg says :

    Can someone perhaps connected to DANA tell us how they cope with the shortage of parts for their 328s?

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