This week’s update

A quiet week:

  • NAMA has switched to an automated flight plan system on 15 November 2012.
  • The Ministry of Aviation revoked its agreement with Lufthansa. Since 2008, the airline was exempt of royalties, as long as it assisted the Federal Government in developing a MRO-facility.
  • The National Assembly joint committee on Aviation has written a report on state of the aviation industry.
  • Nigeria and Pakistan will sign a Bilateral Air Service Agreement.
  • The Federal Government has ordered a Cessna Citation Sovereign as an air ambulance for NEMA.
  • The Federal Government has spent N15 billion on an upgrade of navigational aids, according to the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA).
  • The Federal Government has approved a sum of N13.9 billion for a terminal building, control tower and power house at Yenagoa Airport, Bayelsa State.
  • IRS Airlines was ordered by a court to pay N2 million to a customer, in compensation for a cancelled flight between Abuja and Yola.
  • Has anyone heard about this new project: Discovery Air?
  • So far, 87 corporate and private jets based in Nigeria have been identified. But according to the Ministry of Aviation, there are over a hundred business jets in the country. Therefore, any help with identifying the remaining ones is appreciated.

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16 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Anonymous says :

    so all recent stories of agreements with Lufthansa assisting Arik and FG were wrong ?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Arik Air still has an agreement with Lufthansa Technik; the FG has nothing to do with that.

      This is about a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2008 under the Yar’Adua administration. From the linked article:

      “In 2008, the Federal Government had entered into an agreement to give the airline multiple designations to operate from Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja airports in exchange for the use of the Abuja airport as its operational hub for West Africa. Under the agreement, Lufthansa was also meant to provide manpower training and facilitate the development of the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in the country.


      However, according to sources in the aviation ministry, the Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah, on November 7 revoked the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Federal Government and Lufthansa because “the minister had not seen any appreciable benefit of the MoU with Lufthansa”. The sources added that the airline did not keep its own part of the agreement, which included assisting in manpower development, development of the MRO facility and use of the Abuja airport as an operational hub. Lufthansa, on its part, blamed the Federal Government for not creating the enabling environment for it to execute its own part of the MoU.


      Another senior official in the presidency, who also had participated actively in drawing up the agreement between Lufthansa and Nigeria, said the airline had trained local aviation personnel in the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria. According to him, the MRO facility had not taken off because “Lufthansa made it plain that it was not going to build the facility for Nigeria but would partner with any Nigerian investor that was willing to fund the project.””

  2. LAF says :

    More time to proceed with further long term national MRO planning and other right steps.

    Every move that ultimately steers away from classic turnkey partnership but vectors towards self sufficiency is what we need at this stage as only what we invest substantially in and build ourselves will last. We’ll get there (and go higher)

    When majors like Lufthansa and British Airways will start sending their planes here for D checks,…. watch this space.

    Aviation Foward

  3. skywalker says :

    According to this news source the bilateral Agreement is still intact

    I have long said that the current minister if Aviation has no knowledge of the operations and runnings of the aviation sector. you just don’t cancel agreements unilaterally most especially with major players in the sector. Aviation is a global affair and actions like this sends messages round the world that the Nigeria aviation industry is not stable enough to handle major world players in the industry. Given that Lufthansa has not lived up to its own end of the agreement, diplomatics processes should be followed before termination. Nigeria likes to think it is among “the Big Boys” in global events I think it should act like one and save its Integrity. even if it means that the agreement be re-negotiated so that both parties don’t loose out completely.

    • LAF says :

      Without getting too deep in the deatails and inadvertently putting the sector on some exclusive pedestal at the expense of the wider issues, it’s important the foundations of the technical, policy and management knowledge are repaired and strengthened so that efforts to correct the effects of disadvantageous policies from previous dispensations will yield maximally.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Some local newspapers incorreclty reported that Lufthansa would lose its landing rights. This is wrong – the Basa is between Nigeria and Germany, not Lufthansa. However, Lufthansa may lose its exemption of royalties as well as its right to operate into three airports in Nigeria. LH has no fifth freedom rights though. If the deal didn’t work out, it’s legitimate for the minister to review and renegotiate the agreement of course. In fact, the FG is blaming the Yar’Adua administration rather than LH for the agreement, but the royalties can’t be claimed with retroactive effect. The Minister may have taken this action because LH decline to partner the FG in setting up a new national airline.

  4. Eze says :

    Could someone explain to me why Nigeria`s airports on FLIGHTSTATS.COM don`t show any live flight information for local and regional flights? What is lacking in present infrastructure that prevents local carriers from uploading their live flight information (status, time of arrival+departure, estimated delay, etc.)

    • skywalker says :

      I don’t think even NAMA has the Info your are looking for let alone some website. At the various airports do they even have live Flight Boards. We are lost somewhere in the cold war era….

      • Lagos Airport Forum says :

        Will have to be short mission, won’t it. I hope they can also plan towards a national fleet of trauma helicopters. We could seriously do with those.

      • Lagos Airport Forum says :

        Well, the original Departure Controls system @ LOS rocked once upon a time. together with the FIDS from Conrac and the cool matrix boards. The likes of Zurich, Frankfurt and Changi managed to integrate theirs with present day tech and the digital equivalent online, keeping these mechanical charms ever relevant.

        Hope they get refurbished and reintegrated into the new systems from SITA. But should no place be given them. hope they won’t simple get dumped these will make cool collector’s items.

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      For Flightstats, data availalability is the main issue. For national flights, it’s still currently zero data. The only Arik operated flight successfully tracked so far is the one to Johannesburg with their 737. The New York and London flights don’t really count here since that data is from HiFly.

      There’s nothing terribly complex nor bank-breaking about providing flight data as standard practice. This one tends appear more like a technical or administrative issue as there are enough cost effecive ways and technologies to do this. Maybe there are not enough ‘Ezes’ out there who are complaining to them about this, since there;s also no hard mandate from above.

      As a service delivery minimum, the airlines ought to feed this data from their control centres on their own sites and the FAA and MM2 do likewise on their sites.The NAMA could also play a role in data provision. as well as private individuals who run their own ADS-B stations feeding data to the likes of Flightstats, Flightaware, Flightradar24 and Planefinder and Co.

      Maybe write to the airlines and hear what they have to say about this. Stll expecting a response from the two As after the nth mail. But maybe you’ll be lucky.

      From my end, I’ve been making technical enquiries about this.and looking at the possibily of either obtaining airline dat directly and stringing it through an independent application/platform/app or circumventing the airlines altogether, obatianing data from indirect sources.

      If you wish to captu and feed data to there’s a possibility they could supply you the ADS-B equipment free of charge if you have a convincing case about providing flight tracking data in our skies. Knock in a few other tarckers spread around the country and that should suffice for tracking.

      Tech has moved on a long way since the old style departure control systems. Windows 8 just came out, etc.
      Good luck.

  5. Alaba says :

    Discovery Air has a silhouette of a TU 154 . Wonder if that provides a clue as to the intent of the creators?

  6. Alaba says :

    So when the FEMA Sovereign takes off with its 4injured souls on board, where can it reach with its limited range? Not Europe for sure. They could have procured cheaper an ex USAF medivac C21 or MD 80 series to carry 70 injured souls.

  7. Anonymous says :

    anyone any news about the 2 A330’s Arik are getting ? wasn’t one painted in ireland ?

  8. Igbosere bomber says :

    Discovery Air has updated their website with pictures of the interior of an airplane, has anyone else heard the rumours of wet-leased Boeing 733s?

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