Federal Government signs deal for new airport terminals

The Federal Government has concluded the arrangements with Chinese investors and construction companies for the construction of five new passenger terminals and six new cargo terminals. The deal is part of the second phase of the Aviation Road Map of the Ministry of Aviation. New international terminals as well as cargo terminals will be built at Abuja, Enugu, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt, while Asaba is the sixth airport to get a cargo terminal. Work on the new terminals will commence in December 2012 and should be completed within nineteen months.

Jos Airport has also been designated as a cargo airport by the Federal Government. The airport is currently being refurbished as part of the first phase of the airport remodelling exercise.

Meanwhile, travellers are complaining about the new GA terminal at Lagos Airport. The terminal was inaugurated before being completed and delivered by the contractor, ArchiVisual Solutions. For example, the air conditioning and conveyor belts are not yet functional.


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8 responses to “Federal Government signs deal for new airport terminals”

  1. tackson says :

    Is such a shame that a country like nigeria does not have a standard airport

  2. Greg says :

    tackson, the bigger shame may be that no Nigerian company is being encouraged to try its hand at building a terminal

  3. AfricanAviation (@AfrAviaTribune) says :

    From North to South, East to West, China is definitely making inroads on the African continent.

    Out of interest, what is their choice of architecture like for the projects they have won there in Nigeria? Is it the cheap shoddy generic glass box airport that we see in Moz. Angola, Congo (Brazza) etc? Or is there some kind of cultural sensitivity in their designs.

  4. LAF says :

    Maybe time to reopen the terrace on the D-peir and put some specially configured abandoned planes up there like the Fokker 100 at Schiphol Amsterdam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osl1rjI_aTo&feature=related

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