AOC for Dana Air and SkyJet Aviation

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has (re-)granted air operator’s certificates (AOC) to Dana Air and SkyJet Aviation.

Dana Air’s AOC was suspended in June this year after one of its aircraft crashed. The airline intends to resume domestic services with a fleet of five MD83s, but will only be allowed to start flying after fully compensating the families of the crash victims.

SkyJet Aviation is currently a charter airline, operating from Kaduna. According to the airline’s owner, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, the new airline will begin scheduled flight operations with five aircraft


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10 responses to “AOC for Dana Air and SkyJet Aviation”

  1. says :

    Want to know the websites for airlines employing so to apply.
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  2. Alaba says :

    What if after Dana pays out all compensation to relatives as a prerequiste of getting back its AOC and then the accident report exonerates the airline? Just asking…..

    • Waly O says :

      It wouldn’t make a difference. Under article 17 of the Montreal convention, Dana air was liable for all the passengers onboard its aircraft hence the compensation will still need to be paid out as the passengers died on board Dana’s plane…..fault or no fault of Dana.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Erm…..These Skyjet dudes have been doing charters long before they got their AOC. Some people say they have an ATL and that’s all that’s required, so why should they now go through the strenous process of getting an AOC. I don’t really understand the NCAA and how they enforce AOC compliance. Illegal revenue flight by non-AOC aircraft is a big problem facing the business aviation world, and weak regualtory enforcement in Nigeria make it even more rampant in this airspace.

  4. Kinji says :

    Any news about kabo airline operating domestic flights and Hak airline, anyone has details.

  5. Greg says :

    Don’t know about Kabo, but Hak is facing serious issues fro NCAA. Beats me how Hak’s CEO, a former Nig Awys pilot, finds it difficult to scale NCAA’s hurdles, whereas Medview, run by a guy who wasn’t even in top management at Nug Awys, easily did it. Perhaps it has to do with money? In that case, acquiring four jets at a go was unwise as, say, two? (Medview). It would take an insider to divulge the details, though. As for recruitment, most cadre of staff were certain of their posts earlier this month, I’m told

  6. Naijajet says :

    Greg recall that Medview were into Hajj and Charter operations before entering scheduled service. This probably gave them the edge.

  7. Greg says :

    You are correct, Naijajet. Nothing like hands-on experience, out there in the field, or should we say, skies

  8. Kinji says :

    Anyone with Discovery Air contact address, thank you.

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