This week’s update

A couple of updates:

  • Aero took delivery of its sixth B737-400 (5N-BPQ; ex-N605SC) this week.
  • One of Dana Air’s MD83s (5N-SRI) was ferried back to Abuja, after maintenance checks in Istanbul.
  • Reportedly, Arik Air will get a second A332 (5N-JID/EI-EWG; ex-Kingfisher). But the first A332, ‘The Lady of Grace’, is still stored at Bordeaux for unknown reasons, so it will take a while before the aircraft will enter service, if it ever does.
  • IRS Airlines signed an agreement with Turkish Airlines to cooperate with regard to staff training and aircraft maintenance.
  • The two VVIP-helicopters ordered for the Presidential Air Fleet have been identified as AW101s. It seems that the order for a Hawker 4000 has been cancelled, since the aircraft manufacture entered bankruptcy.
  • Delta Air Lines celebrates five years of service to Nigeria: ‘More than 570,000 passengers have flown on Delta’s flights between Nigeria and the United States since 2007 and this year Delta has seen strong load factors of over 80%. Additionally, over the last 5 years, Delta has transported around 6,500 tons of cargo between Nigeria and the U.S., facilitating trade and commerce between the two nations.’
  • EgyptAir will increase its capacity on the Cairo-Abuja route in December 2012 and January 2013, as A330-200 is to operate on selected periods instead of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
  • The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) will divide the Lagos Area Control Centre into two sectors per 17 December 2012, meaning that an additional radio frequency (120.9 MHz) will be created to relieve the heavily congested existing radio frequency (127.3 MHz). Meanwhile, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) warns that air safety is under threat due to the bad state of communication facilities.
  • None of the airports in Nigeria are ICAO approved.
  • Evergreen Apple Nigeria (EAN) has announced that it achieved approved maintenance organisation (AMO) certification from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
  • There is a new issue of Arik Wings out.

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12 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Igbosere bomber says :

    Why oh why oh why does the Government need two AW101s?????

  2. Mr. Smith says :

    @ Igbosere: Why do they need a fleet of 10 planes as reported?

    Also, is Arik planning on adding the A332 to their fleet, or perhaps it will replace the A345’s?

  3. Greg says :

    You seem to forget the two AW139s, two Falcon7Xs, two G5/550s, the BBJ, two Hawker 800s (which apparently are being replaced by Hawker 4000s) a Do 228, and maybe another two, three machines I cant enumerate. In the land where employers have to provide utility services, there seems to be no clear national ethos, and terrorists openly declare the state is an enemy, the leaders cant see that profligate ways are definitely uncalled for. Even the deputy speaker of the house of reps seems to have a jet attched to its office. By contrast, Wikipedia says britain’s air transport of its leaders is defined by the need to save costs. As such, the PM travels regularly, by commercial airlines. But Nigeria, una no get hand, una no get leg we dont even repair sixties tech aircraft in this country, and yet, its we who have all sorts of fancy aircraft for our irresponsible leaders. Una never halla…

  4. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Currently, the Nigerian Presidential Air Fleet only counts the following aircraft:

    1. Boeing 737-700/BBJ (5N-FGT)
    2. Dassault Falcon 7X (5N-FGU)
    3. Dassault Falcon 7X (5N-FGV)
    4. Gulfstream G550 (5N-FGW)
    5. Gulfstream GV (5N-FGS)
    (6.) Dornier Do-228 (NAF 029) – formally belongs to the Air Force
    7. Agusta Westland AW139 (NAF 540)
    8. Agusta Westland AW139 (NAF 541)

    On order are two AW101s and the Hawker 4000 (if it’s not cancelled). Occasionally, the PAF also uses a A109E from the Air Force.

    The Cessna Citation II (NAF 050) has been transferred to the Air Force a couple of years ago (see p. 14):,%20ROLES%20AND%20ORGANISATION.pdf

    Anyway, this week’s report in Punch about the PAF is incorrect. The fleet currently consists of less than ten aircraft, as the two F900s, the GIV and HS125-800 are all sold and replaced by the aircraft above.

    @Mr. Smith unlikely, as they’re also planning to transfer the A345s, which are owned by Arik Air, to the Nigerian register. The delay, presumably, has financial reasons.

    • Igbosere bomber says :

      @ Greg, well said, I totally echo your sentiments.

      @ Mr Smith, I don’t know if they need all those airplanes but they have two perfectly capable AW139s which offer outstanding performance and comfort already. We can’t afford petrol at 97 Naira a litre yet the country is about to buy two helicopters at $19 million apiece (without outfitting) when there are already 2 state of the art helicopters doing the job perfectly??? Makes no sense at all!

      Lastly I did hear that the A345s are to be taken by Pembroke Capital and Arik would be getting B77Ws to replace them, don’t know how true this is though, especially for the JFK flights as I’m assuming Arik hasn’t got an ETOPS programme or approval

    • Electro04 says :

      NAF 050 isn’t part of PAF anymore, It’s been reassigned to another unit.

    • LAF says :

      In the order listed, are the two Falcons the backup to the BBJ?
      Some impressive stuff on Air Force One

  5. Skywalker says :

    Aero CEO/MD capt Akin George has resigned it seems. Could this part of the amcon takeover or restructuring, he was doing a good Job IMHO.

  6. Igbosere bomber says :

    Does anyone know if there are moves afoot to restart Air Nigeria?? I came across this link today and it seems Air Nigeria has been given a new ICAO/IATA registration???

  7. skywalker says :

    Sometime Around May this year Air Nigeria changed callsigns from VIRGIN NIGERIA (VGN) to Global Wings (ANP). This was done while still in Operation..

  8. Igbosere bomber says :

    Thanks for that piece of information, I was wondering what was happening. Does anyone have any information on Discovery Air? Smells like some low grade 419 going on there with an Airbus A340-600 on their website yet I hear rumours of wet leased 733s!! The guys are like ghosts too, most people seem not to know anything about them
    Hak Air nko? What’s happening to them??

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