Chanchangi resumes scheduled flights

Chanchangi Airlines has once more resumed scheduled flights from Lagos to Abuja and Kaduna. Chanchangi operates a single B737-300 (5N-BMB), according to the following schedule:

  • Kaduna-Lagos 07:00-08:00
  • Lagos-Abuja 09:00-10:00
  • Abuja-Lagos 11:45-12:45
  • Lagos-Kaduna 17:00-18:00

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11 responses to “Chanchangi resumes scheduled flights”

  1. aviationspot says :

    Reblogged this on Nigerian Airlines Airport and Airplane news…Opinions and commented:
    For the first time after a long time.
    The way forward for Nigerian Airlines is consolidation. They should consolidate or die. The major carriers are consolidating and they are stronger than before. No airline in today’s reality can succeed by standing alone. Nigerian carriers should put aside their ego mentality and merge. As long as they keep doing that they will continue to have problems. Fastjet, a new African airline start up has invited Emirates to invest in it. How much does it cost our own carriers to do the same too?

  2. Kinji says :

    are they recruiting now or they don’t intend to, if they are pls can I have their contact address, thank you.

  3. Greg says :

    aviationspot, single plane jet carriers can make it in this country, if the right props are put in place. For instance, why is jet fuel significantly more expensive in Lagos than Accra or Cotonou? Is the implication that oil companies are more powerful than the Fed Govt? Thankfully, this blog reported that tariffs on planes and spares will be axed next year. The operating environment is too harsh to be left to continue unchecked. Let’s get to grips with the fundamentals, and innate enterprise and fighting spirit of the average Nigerian will prove itself in our skies. Another example: although it isn’t a bad idea, government is pursuing a real time data reporting system on board all Nigerian aircraft, whereas it finds it hard, year in, year out, to equip the right side Lagos runway with landing lights, according to reports. What of the large number of Classic 737s in this country? What would it take to equip, perhaps, the hangar at Uyo with tools, type our technicians, many of whom are unemployed, and set up a forum by which the 737s would be maintained locally? I think it’s our priorities that we’ve got mixed up.

    • LAF says :

      There’s nothing mentioned in the comments that the development of a strong R & D culture can’t tackle competently.The bulk of work lies in knowledge, strategy and continuos innovation of the system. Even with lower fuel prices and a less harsh ‘operating environment’ and more favourable external parameters, these airlines will still struggle if their own internal systems are not up to scratch. It will amaze you what the best in the business are up to, painstakingly working hard at ensuring their survival but existence, come what may with the local or global economy.

      Next thing we’ll read is that Bellview is back (again), but the question will be, what quality of comeback? With every takeoff and landing, the business is becoming more and more complex science and it will take more than the current methods to stay in the game. So as the French would say, Allez!

      Chanchangi were pretty much the Arik during their boom period and really helped connect a lot of people. Their funny but courteous “Distinguished ladies gentlemen announcement would be good to hear again.

    • aviationspot says :

      I agree with you…..single jet carriers can also make it. The problem of Nigeria is that of misplaced priorities as well as poor implementation of good policies

  4. LAF says :

    Just what the doctor ordered.

    This was posted today: 25 Awesome Innovation Quotes

    Let’s go!

  5. CaptFantastic says :

    well come back chanchangi! i still vivdly remember dispatching our dear old 727’s to kaduna, on those wet summer evenings. Thank you once again chanchangi for allowing some of us cut our teeth in the industry.To my very good friends and mentors still at chanchangi…I can only wish you tailwinds.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Thought NCAA ruled out operators with just 1 aircraft ?

  7. Greg says :

    @ Anonymous: yep, there’s a ban on single aircraft operation. I don’t choose to see favouritism here. I only wish current thinking was in force when Dasab paid for the checks on a 732 at Ethiopian/Bole, I think 2006 or 7, only to have it fly into this policy at arrival in Lagos. Dasab would at least have raised money with that jet to meet pressing obligations, some of which had raised NCAA’s ire in the first place. It was not to be. Dasab had a B727-200, and another 732 then, which apparently were not airworthy. But with the grounding of the healthy 732, Dasab went away…forever

  8. Anonymous says :

    welcome back to the nigeria sky

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