This week’s update

Short updates:

  • FirstNation Airways intends to lease an A319 (5N-FND; ex-EI-DVD) from ILFC. The aircraft is being prepared for painting at Dublin.
  • Allied Air Cargo, reportedly, has acquired a B734F (5N-OTT; ex-N737WF).
  • NAF Lockheed C-130H Hercules (NAF 917) has been repaired and is back in service. The aircraft’s wing was hit by an Arik Air B737 on 14 July at Jos Airport.
  • United Airlines has postponed the start of its five weekly B787 service to Lagos till the end of January 2013. The flights from Houston to Lagos are currently operated with a B777.
  • The Federal Government has designated Kano Airport as cargo airport.
  • The authorities also announced that mobile airfield lighting will soon be installed at Lagos Airport runway 18L, serving the domestic terminals.
  • The House of Representatives has passed a resolution calling for the dismissal of the NCAA’s DG, Harold Demuren, as well as the withdrawal of Dana Air’s AOC.
  • The Federal Ministry of Aviation admits that the Nigeria’s radar and airport security systems are not functioning properly, contrary to claims made by NAMA.
  • There was a minor fire incident at a construction site beside the D-wing extension of the international terminal at Lagos Airport, on 20 December 2012. On Wednesday, part of the roof of a building – most likely the E-wing of the international terminal – was blown off by a Avient Aviation MD11F taking off.
  • About 300 christian pilgrims are stranded at Tel Aviv airport, as KS Travels/Empire Aviation Services failed to arrange a charter flight back to Nigeria.
  • To emergency landings this week: an Overland Airways ATR42 from Ilorin to Lagos developed issues with its landing gear last Sunday, while an Aero B737 on its way from Lagos to Enugu experienced an engine failure on Tuesday.
  • The governor of the Central Bank, L. Sanusi, has advised the Federal Government against the idea of floating a government-owned national airline
  • It appears that the recent proliferation of charter airlines in Nigeria also resulted in many ‘paper’ airlines: Fly Jets, Ferry Aviation, and Ed Air.


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14 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. sumi says :

    House of Reprentatives is just confusing the nation and want to creat sense of anarchy in Aviation Sector, there report is full of false notions, it looks report is motiviated and targeted just ot create sensation. God knows what will happen to this country where lawmakers themselves produce false reports just to crumble the whole structure.

  2. Eric says :

    I am not very conversant with politics but will someone please tell me if its right for lawmakers to ask for the DG of NCAA to be sacked and the engineer who inspected the Dana aircraft that crashed to be dismissed? Then suggesting that Dana’s AOC to be revoked. Did these law makers do their investigation themselves and inspect the aircraft themselves to then assume that they aircraft are not airworthy or did they sit on their computer and make their recommendations using Google search.

    What are basis for these recommendations? Do these lawmakers know how to run the aviation industry in the first place or do they have aviation professionals advising them? With the mentality they have, every aircraft engineer or pilot that is involved in an incident will be “dismissed” from service.

    The way things are done in Nigeria is wrong. If people like these are in the US or British government i don’t think airlines like Delta or BA will still be existing

  3. Daunas Saunas says :

    I dont know why discrimination is done to Kano airport it is suppose to be if not the number 1 then NO 2 in Nigeria.This is truly unfair.

    • LAF says :

      Nigeria is changing, dear friend. Present and future economic realities will in ever increasing measure, influence the relevance of Kano. Kano has suffered from among other things, the advancement of aircraft, eliminating its role as a strategic refuelling stop, the downturn of Peugeot (Pan), the groundnut pyramids that have largely been relegated to social studies books, industrial decline and to crown it all, the security situation. Fix the variables and make it a more attractive destination, then positive change won’t be out of the question.

      A good question to you. How will you turn around its fortunes in practical terms?

      • Greg says :

        LAF, I think Daunas deserves a more sensitive response. The social, cultural, historic and religious importance of Kano compel a bending over backwards in aid of Kano airport and commercial aviation in that great city. Some things demand subtle conduct, tact, and a rare insight (which is why it’s rare), and keeping Kano aviation in the loop of advancement in Nigeria is one of them.

        I’m not saying we should waste national resources thereby, though. But it’s clear that, given the sensitive place regional and ethnic issues have assumed in this country, it is foolish to allow any of our brethren to feel left behind where it seems others are accelerating in matters of national development .

        And for that matter, there are other regions begging attention too. It is said that the level of drive, resourcefulness, innovation and sheer cunning on display in Aba, in the absence of significant federal help or encouragement, is astounding. Just imagine how much better it would be for the whole country, if the fed govt got its act together, and provided the necessary assistance to the enterprise of the people of that enviable town?

      • LAF says :

        With regard to sensitivity, I will have to frankly disagree with you on that one and gently encourage the gentleman to rethink and broaden his horizons. Sensitivity is going to have to be a two-way street in this case.

        We are well aware of what impact among other things, the education system has had on cultural and historical knowledge of our great country. That has more often than not, had a negative effect, leading to a real and measurable disconnect and the existence of ‘several Nigerias in one’ phenomenon.

        It’s quite unfortunate he didn’t shed more light on the underlying thoughts behind his remarks but a smart guess is enough for readers to draw their own conclusions, which clearly point to sub-national. From my assessment, despite the challenges faced on several fronts, the indication is a nation on the move and as a consequence. no region can be exempted from the need/responsibility to be flexible and adapt to the changes being faced in order to move forward as one.

        Therefore, many thanks for the comments.
        Your highly insightful final paragraph paints a strong picture of the reality being quietly lived out elsewhere in the country. Agreed, it can feel confrontational initially, but It will be nice if the gentleman can really take those points into account and seriously consider a change of mind.

        It’s about Nigeria.

  4. skywalker says :

    Finally some “temporary Lights” on 18L at Lagos, Now somebody fix that bloody Kano Radio.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  5. Alaba says :

    Daunas, what criteria have you used to determine that Kano should be either number 1 or 2?
    Greg used Aba as an example of self reliant growth, maybe the folk of Kano should do the same for this once iconic airport. Is this designation as a cargo airport due more to the restablished rail links?

    I find it interesting that Greg the Cynic is morphing into Greg the Sensitive. Must be the yuletide spirit.

  6. Greg says :

    @ LAF: thanks, your views are noted and welcome.
    @ Alaba: “…Greg the sensitive”. God, I’m laughing so hard, I could fall out of my seat.
    Season’s greetings, all !!!

  7. Alaba says :

    And a great 2013 to everyone on here. Oga Aviation in Nigeria, is it possible to have titles/ themes in the new year that will focus on Aviation past and future? Aided by cognac, I have come up with some titles that will be superb and enhance this blog:

    1. Flying Nigeria’s Heads of State (contributions by past VIP pilots)
    2. The integration of MiGs into the NAF
    3. NAF C130 Operations
    4. Okada Air- impact of deregulation in Nigeria
    5. Contributors views on aviation in 2013 and beyond

    I know there is an obsessive ‘say-curity’ around the first three but surely many of these operations are well in the past.

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