Med-View starts Abuja-Yola and Lagos-Owerri

Med-View Airline has uploaded schedules for its new daily Abuja-Yola and Lagos-Owerri service:

  • LOS-QOW VL2110 07:30-08:45
  • QOW-LOS VL2111 09:30-10:45
  • ABV-YOL VL2102 10:30-11:40 (Weekdays)
  • ABV-YOL VL2102 11:00-12:10 (Saturday)
  • ABV-YOL VL2104 13:55-15:05 (Sunday)
  • YOL-ABV VL2103 12:30-13:40 (Weekdays)
  • YOL-ABV VL2103 13:00-14:10 (Saturday)
  • YOL-ABV VL2105 15:45-16:55 (Sunday)

The flights to Yola originate from Lagos, meaning that passengers can travel from Lagos to Yola with a stopover in Abuja.

Med-View Airline carried 32,956 passengers in the first two months of its operations. A B737-800 (CS-TQU) is wet-leased from EuroAtlantic Airways, and a second B737-800 will join the airline’s fleet in March 2013. Med-View will then commence flights to Kano and Sokoto.


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5 responses to “Med-View starts Abuja-Yola and Lagos-Owerri”

  1. abubakar sadik sajo says :

    Hello. Am very happy to see med-view.

  2. oromidayo says :

    does any of this airlines have vacancy for ticketing position or do u no any travel agency with such vacancy?

  3. Greg says :

    Abubakar, I join you in welcoming Med view too. It’s full marks for local enterprise and initiative.
    Alaba, AIN, nigerianaviation, everyone else, I fear they are spreading their fleet over too many routes. They’re not exactly Ethiopian, are they? We have Abuja, Yola, Owerri, and Maiduguri? Or has the leased 738 started ops?

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