Dana Air resumes Abuja-Lagos flights

Dana Air has resumed commercial operations on Thursday, 3 January 2012. The airline, operating a fleet of five MD83s, operated a single positioning flight from Lagos to Abuja in the afternoon. Scheduled operations will restart on Friday, with a three daily Abuja-Lagos service. Schedule:

  • ABV-LOS 9J350 07:20-08:37 (Monday-Saturday)
  • ABV-LOS 9J350 09:00-10:17 (Sunday)
  • ABV-LOS 9J354 12:06-13:23 (Daily)
  • ABV-LOS 9J356 16:29-17:37 (Daily)
  • LOS-ABV 9J353 09:45-10:53 (Daily)
  • LOS-ABV 9J355 14:22-15:30 (Daily)
  • LOS-ABV 9J359 18:36-19:53 (Daily)

Dana Air is the first Nigerian airline to provide a flight tracker. The airline plans to replace its MD83 fleet with new B737s in the coming months.

Dana Air - MD83 - 5N-DEV

Dana Air – MD83 – 5N-DEV


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10 responses to “Dana Air resumes Abuja-Lagos flights”

  1. sumi says :

    Congratulations Dana Air, hope you will take all neccecsary safety measures so the accident is not repeated. Dana Air was best in OTP and hope they will bring some sanity to excessive fares and long delays

    • eze says :

      the flight tracker is not working! Today’s Abuja to Lagos flight is missing actual departure times so I presume the system is not up and running! I hope this was not a marketing gimmick.

  2. Greg says :

    Hope they skip all sorts of reasons not to pay compensation to the crash victims’ survivors (and yeah, they’re welcome back)

  3. Anonymous says :

    some details below on their resumption, Flight fares of N14.4K with 67 Passengers on the inaugural flight.


  4. Alaba says :

    Greg, havent they began paying compensation? ‘New’ 737s or just 737s?

  5. Anonymous says :

    nice .Dana air keep it up……..

  6. Greg says :

    @ Alaba: Their PRO says they’ve begun paying, but have issues with survivors of certain victims, hence, delays. It’s up to crusaders like Falana and Agbakoba to dig up the truth, as Fed Govt clearly’s eager to please Jacky Hathiramani, I think.
    The Dana boss is too much of a trader to get new 737s, imo. Witness the cost of the old equipment, as low as 750K US for some examples. Early NG 737s is the best we can hope for, seems. Still, nothing’s impossible; let’s wait and see

  7. Igbosere bomber says :

    Greg, do you think that having spent money on AFIRS for the Mad dogs, they’ll now refleet with 737’s?

    • sumi says :

      You have a point it is an expensive system, I even Wonder how many Airlines with old Aircrafts will install this even Aero, Overland etc have old fleet…………

  8. Greg says :

    @ Igbosere: I think the reasons, whatever they are, for the 737 buy, are compelling enough to stomach the expenses on the Mad Dog AFIRS. No matter how slippery they are, Dana can’t fail to get the 737s now, not after raising public hopes and contributing to the impression, however subtle, that MDs are disfavoured for now.

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