Bayelsa State to construct a VIP airstrip

The Bayelsa State government has allocated N2,5 billion for the construction of an airstrip in Yenagoa, along the Amassoma, Ogobiri and Egbedi axis. The project is handled by Dantata and Sawoe, and should be completed within a year. The new airstrip will ‘serve as a landing-place for aircraft, largely non-commercial airlines, transporting dignitaries’, who now have to travel to Port Harcourt Airport. Apart from this State-owned VIP airstrip, the Federal Government is currently also building an airport in Bayelsa State.



2 responses to “Bayelsa State to construct a VIP airstrip”

  1. Alaba says :

    How can this ‘VIP’ airstrip be justified since the FG is also building an airport in this state? I’m sure the cost of this vanity project could fund many health centres and / or schools. Indigenes of this state where are your views…….

  2. Greg says :

    Bet they’ll keep what views they have, to their chests, Alaba. But if we don’t talk, these people will maintain the “mugu” assessments they have of us, and keep right on cheating us. Two airfields in a town 10% the size of Lagos, and where a child can reel off urgent needs the funds could be better spent on? That the white man could look the black man in the eye and call him “boy”, was beyond the mere excuse of slavery, methinks

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