FG needs two years to acquire aircraft for airlines

According to a local newspaper, it will possibly take up to two years before the Federal Government can actually allocate new aircraft to the domestic carriers. The main hurdle to be cleared for the acquisition of the thirty aircraft is a financial one: the authorities still have to work out a way to obtain funding for the purchase of a fleet of aircraft. The plan of the Minister of Aviation to acquire thirty aircraft has been criticised as misplaced, and the stakeholders in the industry are complaining that they are not involved in the decision-making process.

All in all, it appears that the Minister of Aviation is not very effective in implementing her policies:

  • Of the eleven domestic airports that would be renovated in 2012 none has been finished, and there are complaints about the low quality of the jobs being done.
  • The new GA Terminal in Lagos was opened in a hurry. The terminal is far from functional and poorly constructed. Furthermore, the legal issues with the owners of MMA Terminal 2 are not yet resolved.
  • There are unanswered questions about the financing of the renovation and building of airport terminals.
  • The emergency runway lights installed at Lagos Airport can only be used by departing flights, and the threshold lights are often blasted away by aircraft.
  • The Minister promised she would tackle the price disparity by taking action against British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, but after the initial fuss, the whole case has gone quiet.
  • She announced that she would revise the BASA agreements with several countries, but nothing seems to have happened.
  • A new national carrier was supposed to start services before 2013, but this promise was not fulfilled either.
  • The Aerotropolis project and an expensive ‘road-show’ to the USA, Canada and China did not yield any visible results.
  • The Minister of Aviation was accused by politicians of denying foreign airlines access to Kano.

Now, it would be wrong to judge the tenure of this Minister of Aviation as a failure. But, most of her initiatives are surrounded by controversies, and she does not appear to be very effective in achieving her own goals. Of course, she is acting in a difficult political context, but acting for the sake of acting is not enough for sound policy making. And given the current state of affairs, her media advisors and officials should be cautious with writing self-congratulatory pieces (NAMA and FAAN) or with spreading conspiracy theories as an excuse.

We have uncovered an advanced plot by a well-known hireling to blackmail, smear and tarnish the image and reputation of the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah with the sole aim of distracting her from consolidating the gains already recorded in the transformation of the Aviation sector in line with the Transformation Agenda of the Federal government.



10 responses to “FG needs two years to acquire aircraft for airlines”

  1. Mr. Smith says :

    Not to mention the controversial AOMS provider change from Maevis to SITA which apparently is not providing the same level of service as Maevis was, though the cost to FAAN is the same.

  2. AfricanAviation (@AfrAviaTribune) says :

    I, too, have noticed of late the level of obsequiousness in FAAN’s press releases amongst others. Such awful grovelling and brown nosing.

  3. Anonymous says :

    instead of wasting money buying aircraft, discuss with leasing companies and be the guarantor. Focus atention on making the business environment condusive for airlines, improve situation so they can fly aircraft into airports after 6pm ! remove duty on parts, stop using airlines and aviation as cash cow to keep milking, use it as economic benefit, can generate employment directly/indirectly in support of strong sector.

    • Joe says :

      Unfortunately alot of governance is to pacify the general public vs. the true stakeholders. They would rather build a new glass building, than invest in the internal workings of the existing one, air field lighting, tackling aviation fuel prices, improve transit procedures. These are things they should focus on, granted there won’t be a brand new terminal, or unsustainable airport for the public to see, they will definitely feel the benefits of focusing on the internal workings of the aviation ministry.

  4. Naijajet says :

    I just saw this order on http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/read.main/5660394/ could it be the FG’s order?

  5. Anthony says :

    Inasmuch as buying aircrafts for local Nigerian operators does not make any sense to me but those accusing the minister that her initiatives are surrounded by controversies, and she does not appear to be very effective in achieving her own goals seems to make such baseless allegations because she has blocked every avenue for business as usual. kUDOS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE MINISTER.

    • LAF says :

      That’s right. This minister is also equipped knowledge-wise and with a better support structure than previous dispensations. While it’s natural to evaluate performance on what goes to your retina, the obvious reconstruction etc, even worth more is the work being put in repairing the broken foundations of knowledge and planning, which is more of the stuff you don’t immediately see becasue they take longer to yield their fruit.

      The tell tale signs of her input that has gone into checking the nauseating ‘professional syndrome’ the industry has been suffering thanks to some who should know better but have themselves constituted a hindrance to growth and development; better to have them on their toes to get with doing their jobs properly than the “cool and calm, we’re in charge, we know it all, we know what we’re doing, you can’t tell us what to do” type of attitudes of the past that have taken us nowhere.

      She more or less has helped tearing down the blast fences the industry had built around itself and exposing it to the real jet wash. That way you can’t but sit up and get busy. Nigeria can no longer remain with the parking brake on stuck in the chocks while the world moves on.

  6. LAF says :

    Just saying therés credible perception of a less laid back atmosphere than before, definitely a good thing, I reckon.

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