This week’s update

A couple of news bits:

  • The House of Representatives insists on banning Dana Air and firing NCAA’s MD Harold Demuren, who defended the re-certification of the airline.
  • The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) will start scraping old airplanes that are abandoned at airports next week.
  • The NCAA has expanded and revised a part of the civil aviation regulations.
  • Some controversy over the acquisition of new trainer aircraft for the International Aviation College, Ilorin. It’s not clear whether the aircraft will be financed by the Federal Government of by the Kwara State Government.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria has increased the Airline Intervention Fund to give the sector a boost.
  • The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has approved night flight operations at Uyo Airport. The expansion of the airport will be ready in 2015.
  • The FAAN has yet another conflict with a concessionaire about a plot of land at Lagos Airport.
  • Flights were delayed in the past week due to the Harmattan haze.
  • Dana Air has added a fourth, early-morning flight between Lagos and Abuja on weekdays.
  • The Nigerian Air Force took delivery of a Hawker 4000 (5N-FGX; ex-N466HB). The aircraft was acquired as part of the renewal of the Presidential Air Fleet; it replaces a Hawker 800 (ex-5N-AGZ; now 5N-BOO).
  • Caverton Helicopter’s new Dash 6-400 Twin Otter (5N-SHE; ex-C-GUVA) is on its delivery flight from Canada to Nigeria.
  • TopBrass Aviation will likely get a third Dash 8-Q300 (5N-TBA; ex-5N-BIA). The aircraft is currently stored at Maastricht, but flew in Nigeria in the past with Aero.
  • Overland Airways’ second ATR 72-200 (5N-BPF; ex-F-WNUF) was spotted in Toulouse. The B737-800, reportedly, destined for Overland is still stored at Shannon.
  • No date has been set for the delivery of Arik Air’s A330s.
  • Kabo Air was to get a B747-400 (N135KB), an ex-Corsair aircraft, but is unable to finance the necessary maintenance checks.
  • Serious complaints were made about the management and solvency of Kabo Air and MaxAir on a pilots’ forum.
  • No news about the start-up airlines Azman Air, Discovery Air, and Hak Air. Discovery Air is set up by First Deepwater Discovery, of which Babatunde Babalola is the MD/CEO. Discovery Air is sourcing B737-300s.
  • The B737-200F (5N-BMS) operated on Wings Aviation’s AOC belongs to the former MD of Wings, Nogie Megginson. He also intends to set up a new commercial airline called  Jedidiah Air (Jed Air).
  • The Nigerian Air Force is sending Alpha Jets (NAF 452 and NAF 455) and MI-35s to Mali, while a C130H and G222 are used for transporting troops.
Nigerian Air Force  Lockheed C-130H Hercules (NAF 917) transporting troops from Kaduna to Bamako (copyright Dario El-Carabobeno)

Nigerian Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules (NAF 917) transporting troops from Kaduna to Bamako (copyright Dario El-Carabobeno)


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11 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Mr. Smith says :

    Any rumors on where the new Arik A330 will be used? LOS – JNB perhaps or will they be swapping out the A340 on LOS – LHR perhaps?

  2. Greg says :

    Can Arik steal enough traffic from SAA to guarantee A330 load factor on LOS – JNB?

  3. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    It remains to be seen whether they will actually get these A330s. The longer it takes, the more unlikely it becomes.

    They could deploy A330s to JNB and LHR, then go daily to JFK, adding a tag to Houston. The other route Arik Air announced is ABV-KAN-JED: a B738 would do on this route.

  4. Igbosere bomber says :

    Hak rumoured to be looking at Bombardiers, maybe CRJ 200s, the 734s are ready and should hit town imminently!
    A well known internet pilot’s rumour network suggests Discovery Air may be starting with wet leased 733s
    My question is though………If the Government does buy 30 new planes and they turn out to be Embraer E Jets then doesn’t that massively increase training costs for the supposedly financially struggling Airlines???
    It seems unlikely that there will be space in the Boeing or Airbus production schedules for 30 airplanes so is this plan ever going to come to fruition?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      This issue was raised in the press too. NCAT has no facilities to train Embraer personnel. Normally, deliveries would be spread over a couple of years. Early deliveries of Boeing/Airbus aircraft could be possible through leasing companies. All in all, with 30 aircraft you could replace the whole domestic fleet at once, but why would Arik or Aero give up their Boeings/Bombardiers?

  5. Igbosere bomber says :

    It does seem like a plan with quite a few holes in it, it feels very unwieldy wrt training and delivery of airplanes. I wouldn’t expect Arik to be interested in the scheme unless they want to deny airplanes to the competition :)
    Judging by the interior of the last Aero 734 I was in, this can’t happen soon enough for them!
    To say it was tattered, old, shabby and knackered would be an understatement, I found it very disappointing as they were a standard of excellence in their heyday.
    One word came to mind, MOLUE!!

  6. Alaba says :

    So its not enough for the House of Reps to have the NCAA running aviation.That they would want to determine Dana Air’s status or seek to buy Embraer planes is not coherent. This level of micromanagement and politicking bodes ill for aviation in Nigeria.

    Interesting to see how the NAF does in Mali. As a country, we’ve spent enough money on them so it will be key to see the impact of the Alpha jets although what the F7 is bringing to the table is less clear.

  7. Naijajet says :

    Am Surprised you people ain’t seeing the game being placed concerning the 30 Ejets……..I don’t think majority would go to the ‘REAL AIRLINES”….At the rate internet based airlines without planes with political owners have been set up in the past year and this 30 Jet subsidy…..I guess it aint concidence…..This airline would get the planes used the for two/three years liquidate and sell the planes off(Eject the EJETS)……..I hope am wrong sha…..

  8. Eric says :

    Its not confirmed they are going to be E-jets yet.

  9. Greg says :

    @ Alaba: Trust you to confront the hard questions, sir.

    It’s an old play, really: The top won’t let the middle or bottom do their thing, for a variety of resons; the middle and bottom, denied the op to play their roles, turn incompetent and mediocre. Ultimately, we remain on one spot whilst Malaysia, Mauritius and Indonesia have swept past and are catching up with the initial four tigers.


  10. Abdulrazaq says :

    please i want to know if ilorin aviation school is giving admission

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