This week’s update

Short updates:

  • The Senate has ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria to recover a loan of N35.5 billion from Jimoh Ibrahim. The sum came from the Aviation Intervention Fund and was intended for Air Nigeria.
  • The Senate again asked the Federal Government to revoke Dana Air’s AOC and to fire the DG of the NCAA for negligence of duty.
  • A few images of the clearing of stored aircraft at Lagos Airport. A DHL B727F and NICON Airways B727 are the first aircraft to be dismantled.
  • FAAN announced that it will construct twelve cargo terminals across the country to boost the export of perishable goods.
  • FAAN has accepted six refurbished fire tenders. Jalingo Airport is currently the only airport in Nigeria without a fire tender.
  • Runway lighting will be installed at Enugu, Yola and Owerri, and these airports will be open for night operations from 24 March 2013 onwards.
  • The promised duty waiver on aircraft and aircraft parts is yet to be implemented by the Federal Government.
  • Ticket prices have dropped on domestic routes in the recent weeks, because of increased supply.
  • Arik Air quit its Abuja-Katsina route.
  • Arik Air issued a RFP to finance four Bombardier jets.
  • ExecuJet Nigeria in Lagos has been named a Line Maintenance Facility (LMF) for Bombardier business jets.
  • VistaJet asked the support of the Federal Government to expand its activities in Nigeria. Apparently, the charter airline currently operates on the AOC of SkyPower Express.

An inspection of some of the refurbished fire tenders (copyright The Nation)


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11 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Greg says :

    Vista Jet seeks government support in setting up properly? In agreeing with them, government will forget there are Nigerian pilots and techs suitable for placing with Vista. Who wants to bet otherwise? I challenge all comers

  2. Anonymous says :

    New aircraft for Arik or existing CRJ’S ? If existing was AMCON not doing this ?

  3. LAF says :

    They are really going at it this time with the rapid demolition.
    It would have been great if some of the parts could be auctionesd. What’s the best move to make to lay hold on some throttles, flaps and other goodies before they all disappear?

  4. Alaba says :


    Best move to go there and pay the crews dismantling and scavenging. I would love a 727 Yoke or throttle quadrant above my fireplace!

  5. Alaba says :

    Just seen the images of the Okada planes at Benin. What a waste.

  6. Afriphile says :

    Anyone knows if there’s an air operator in Nigeria who hires and pay for Type Rating on Jets? Thanks

  7. Greg says :

    Afriphile, Arik has several CRJ and 737NG pilots they hired and typed, some from flying school too. But since berths are not infinite, the trick I suppose, is to have inside contacts to alert you, whenever another recruitment comes up. Good luck

  8. Anonymous says :

    Next recruitment is Q1 2013 but it seems they like most other airlines would prefer to have pilots pay for thgeir own type ratings if they want to fast track the process.

  9. Abubakar isah jikamshi says :

    Very grantifull.

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