This week’s update

Short updates:

  • The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) recorded 14,3 million air travellers in 2012, according to a press release. This is a decrease of four per cent in passengers compared to 2011, although the numbers given in the statement conflict with those on FAAN’s website.
  • The Federal Government has implemented a duty waiver for the import of aircraft and spare parts. Foreign registered aircraft based in Nigeria are excluded from the waiver.
  • TopBrass Aviation took delivery of its third Dash 8-Q300 (5N-TBA) last week, meanwhile another aircraft of the same airline (5N-TBB) was spotted at Maastricht for maintenance.
  • Reportedly, Aero will soon accept its first Dash 8-Q400 (5N-???; ex-G-JEDO), which was ferried to Norwich for painting. One of Aero’s B737-400s (5N-BJA) is currently at Bournemouth for a new coat of paint.
  • Overland Airways apparently accepted its second ATR 72-200 (5N-BPF; ex-F-WNUF). A third ATR 72 is being prepared for the airline at Toulouse. Meanwhile, Overland is recruiting pilots and mechanics for B737NG aircraft, meaning that the B737-800 (EI-EZB) may join its fleet after all.
  • Dana Air added a fifth return flight between Lagos and Abuja on weekdays. The airline intends to re-start services to Port Harcourt before the end of February 2012.
  • A Nigerian official blamed a pilot error for last year’s Dana Air crash, even though the official report is yet to be published.
  • Cross River State announced that Bebi Airstrip, serving Obudu Mountain Resort, will get a regular commercial service in March 2013. The state government acquired an aircraft – probably the Dash 8-200 (5N-GRS) purchased from Rivers State, rather than the mentioned ATR 42 – to serve the airstrip.
  • Cross River State also wants the runway of Calabar Airport extended. The airport recently got the status of cargo airport.
  • A Hawker 4000 (5N-NOC) belonging to NNPC overran the runway at Warri on 6 February 2013.
  • Omni Air’s Makurdi-based Air Tractor 502 (5N-BPV).
  • Arik Air and IRS Airlines are no longer making night stops at Maiduguri for security reasons.
  • The 2003 white paper on the mismanagement of Nigeria Airways has been dug up again by local media.
  • The Nigerian Air Force has only one serviceable trainer aircraft at its Kaduna Base. Three Do 228s will be refurbished.
  • The company responsible for the dismantling of derelict aircraft (video) in Nigeria paid N800,000 for each aircraft.
  • TheĀ Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is set to improve the nation’s radar control. However, pilots dispute the claim that the TRACON project resulted in a complete radar coverage of the Nigerian airspace.
Bebi Airstrip

Bebi Airstrip


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11 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Interesting G-JEDO was delivered in July 2003, but first flew in August 2002. Over ten years old already!,G-JEDO-Flybe.php

  2. Alaba says :

    Not sure I understand the rationale in requiring degrees for every role that Overland has. Probably taking advantage of the unemployment market. Would be distressing to then find out that they bring in foreign personnel with none of these.

  3. arinze says :

    Lots of Dash 8s.
    Why are those turbo props preferred for short hauls, pls?

  4. LAF says :

    This 2012 aerial photo of the area occupied the old planes being broken up puts the availble land gain for useful development in perspective.

  5. Greg says :

    @ Arinze: “lots of Dash 8s”. This should mean the average number of local pilots and techs rated or experienced on type should be high, especilly in light of Aero’s long use of the machine. Is that the case? Info, anyone?

    Turboprops offer substantial cost efficiencies over jets on the typical short-haul routes in Nigeria. In the seventies, easy oil money and such naivety as couldn’t appreciate the need to expand local mx of aircraft and embraced wet leases as a way life, led WT to reject F-27s in favour of F-28/737/727.

    By contrast, in Ethiopia, where the ethos was altogether more robust and aviation was a spirit they understood, seven DC3 Dakotas remained till late eighties, followed by Twin Otters, ATR 42s, and F-50s. Today, the Dash 8-Q400s are many and should round up at maybe a dozen

  6. Greg says :

    In the ICT age, several, maybe 4, 5, 6 turboprop flights into, let’s say, Benin/Enugu/Owerri, are preferable to one or two jet sorties? This is because, business, investment and even civil service/public sector travel now is sophisticated enough to be time-sensitive; a wider range of options with regard to time is more attractive than just one or two flights per day just now. What are your opinions, gentlemen?

  7. LAF says :

    This could have been devloped long before the ICT age. No doubt the prevailing travel culture plays a role but also factors such as the surface transport situation and then facilities at the airports and time restrictions due to few evening operations, among other things.

    But this is all dynamic and can always change with increasing development. Nigeria could possibly be a sort of scaled down variant of the US and Japan with regard to domestic travel.

  8. Alaba says :

    I commute between two European flight sectors weekly and on lower load factor flights or weekends, FlyBe will use their Dash 8s from Birmingham to Frankfurt or Munich. Makes sense when there are 20-30 pax on a 50 seater turbo prop plane than 20-30 on a 150 pax jet. Time differences are minimal (to me anyway). I:35hr (jet) and 1:50hr (turboprop).

    My questions would be about maintenance hours turbo prop versus jets so its not just fuel costs. With profits as low as my balding hair, I can see why some might opt for a 15-20 year old 737-500 costing no more about $4million (like NAF’s new buy) as opposed to a turboprop.

    • Alaba says :

      The video showing the dismantling of the planes would be funny if not for the dangerous aspects of the workers with no safety gear even helmets and steel capped shoes! The video is German, interesting whether a Nigerian would have been allowed to film that (reverse racism by the ‘Saycurity’ people).

  9. Anonymous says :

    G-JEDO at Norwich before its new colour scheme is applied

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