This week’s update

Brief updates:

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria is delaying the acquisition of 30 aircraft for domestic airlines, according to the Minister of Aviation.
  • Apparently, the interior of Asaba Airport is yet to be completed two years after the airport was commissioned; the airport is also not yet certified by FAAN. The Delta State Government plans to concession the airport as soon as it is completed.
  • The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has validated the Bell 429 for operation in the country. NEMA recently received its first helicopter (5N-NEM) of this type.
  • The NCAA repeated its order to all airlines to install an Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) on their aircraft.
  • Nigeria risks losing its FAA Category 1 status, as the Ministry of Aviation is attempting to review the autonomy of the NCAA.

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6 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. LAF says :

    2 Asaba. Had a look at the images yesterday. While a good effort given the budget, a number of design features are a bit of a let down, such as entrances, and climate control, roofing and ceilings and little details that hint at obvious cuts in costs.
    Maybe more important than all these are the core capacity and projected traffic figures coupled with regional economic development plans Delta is working on.

    4.The NCAA AFIRS order. Any timeframe for the airlines to have this installed this year or is this more of ‘soldier man’ style order? Still no mention of ADS-B transponders, interestingly enough. :-s

    5. FAA Cat 1 status. Can a few good men enlighten us laymen on the real gains of this status for Nigeria, preferably with a simple breakdown in dollars and cents?

    Thanks in advance

  2. aviationspot says :

    Why is the minister trying to do that?! Why would she want to review the autonomy of the NCAA in the name of safety? Every aviation regulatory agency has an independent autonomy and should not be interfered with by political sentiments

  3. LAF says :

    Maybe better to ask the question of how the NCAA can be improved. Not talking politics, which tends to distract from the core essentials but purely focusing on business process optimization the way external consultancies can be hired in to look at organizations and avise them on how to improve themselves.

  4. LAF says :

    Picking up on the orphaned aircraft cleanup campaign.

    @Alaba high;lited some serious health and safety & environmental concerns for the scrapmen. True, the junk is finally getting cleared up at last but they could work on improving the ‘how’ of the entire process. One can only wonder what plans are in place to responsibly dispose of the harzardous materials and fluids present in the planes and hope they can improve perfromance with subsequent campaigns at the other airports.

    Is this love? A Pan Am 747 reconstruction from a dedicated fan

  5. Greg says :

    Saw a TV report on Asaba airport.
    Gov Uduaghan’s views on the prospects of integrating Onitsha’s commercial attributes into the airport, and its potential for the sorrounding towns/cities, were impressive enough.
    Although LAF points out the quality of work leaves a lot to be desired, I think it’s the price we have to pay for giving local contractors a chance. A few more airports down the line, and they’ll very likely do better…I hope

    • LAF says :

      Didn’t watch the report, but let them just get on with it, they have the blessing of the progresslovive people they were appointed to serve.
      While it could easily be overlooked and be excused as a local contractor factor, other small(er) airports both size and budget can be identified with a better job done for the money, meaning that quality has to be the dominant criteria no matter what since these facilities will exist long after construction.

      That’s why I’m still impressed by the build quality of the federal airports, though old and not quite contemporary anymore yet fit and finish of some 1970s doors and interior fittings.

      From looking at last weekend’s Benin pictures, the sight of this chiller is a sigh of relief. Agreed, Midea isn’t Carrier or Trane, veteran players in the champions league of HVAC, but the use of central aircontioning as opposed to cabinets makes for a better terminal interior, both visually and efficient use of valuable floor space.

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