Seven airlines apply for an AOC

According to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), seven new airlines have applied for an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). Among the applicants are several current charter operators: Prime Air, Gyro Air, EasyJet, Air Taraba, as well as the newcomers Azman Air and Hak Air. The last unidentified start-up airline is called EAS – also the name of a defunct carrier, which could stand for Empire Aviation Services.


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3 responses to “Seven airlines apply for an AOC”

  1. Anonymous says :

    any information about new ATO’s seeking approval?? Recently heard the rivers state government is setting up a flight school…any substance to this??

  2. Anonymous says :

    What has being delaying Hak Air and Prime Air AOC?

  3. Greg says :

    If I hadn’t seen Hak aircraft photos on this site, I’d have called it a farce

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