This week’s update

A few things worth mentioning:

  • A group of investors plans to construct a business aircraft maintenance base at the Ido-Osun Airport this year. The State Government began building the new airport last year.
  • The renovation of the airport terminals at Benin and Kano will be ready this month, while those at Enugu, Jos, Kaduna and Port Harcourt should be delivered in April 2013.
  • SkyBird Air is in the final stage of obtaining its AOC for commercial flight services.
  • Dana Air added a sixth return flight from Lagos to Abuja on Thursdays and Fridays and a fifth flight on Sundays. The airline also announced it will start flying to Port Harcourt again ‘very soon’.
  • The latest issue of Arik Wings is online.
  • New reports on the fraudulent origins of Arik Air’s start-up capital circulated in the media this week.
  • Aero will add a second Dash 8-Q400 (ex-G-JEDN) to its fleet; the aircraft is stored at Exeter.
  • The BAe 125-800B (5N-BOO; ex-5N-AGZ) which formerly belonged to the Presidential Air Fleet has been resprayed at Lanseria. The aircraft is registered to Gyro Air.
  • Wings Aviation’s Beech 200 King Air (5N-IHS) has been parked at Lanseria for years now. Perhaps it will be operated again by JedAir.
  • Four ex-Sonair S76 helicopters are parked at Lagos. The Angolan registered helicopters are apparently acquired by Hak Air.
  • The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) informs air passengers that they are entitled to compensation from airlines for flight cancellations.
  • Saudia Cargo will increase its weekly frequency from Hongkong to Lagos.
  • Since December 2012, Airstream Cargo has been operating a B737-400F (S5-ABV), leased from Solinair, out of Lagos, using Axiom Air’s call sign.
Airstream Cargo - B737-400F - S5-ABV (copyright Fascination Aviation 2013 / Aviapix)

Airstream Cargo – B737-400F – S5-ABV (copyright Fascination Aviation 2013 / Aviapix)


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18 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Igbosere bomber says :

    Interesting that both G-JEDO and G-JEDN have been involved in minor incidents in the past.
    Any updates about JEDO’s arrival in Lagos?

  2. Greg says :

    This is hoping the incidents thing stays within this forum. We know how hysterical and unreasonable our people can be

    • Eric says :

      Yeah, just like how our politicians were digging out every bit of info on 5N-RAM last year and exaggerating the information gotten

  3. Igbosere bomber says :

    I would hope that nobody is unreasonable enough to think that incidents of the sort posted above are the fault of Aero Contractors or that they somehow render the airplanes no longer airworthy?
    I just found it an amusing coincidence that both of the Q400s have had what amount to minor dings in the past.
    At this point they’ve given over 10 years of service to Flybe and there is no reason to suggest that they cannot do the same here in Nigeria!!

  4. Alaba says :

    I have to agree with Igbosere on this. Thanks to more inquisitive minds allied to deeper searches thanks to the internet, it is possible to carry out better due diligence in aviation than ever before. At the touch of our keyboard strokes, we can track an aircraft’s history, an airline’s pedigree and for some parts, shady crew history.

  5. Greg says :

    I stand corrected, gentlemen

  6. Alaba says :

    I know Greg is speaking tongue in cheek but as Easter approaches, I will let it go!

  7. Greg says :

    Alaba, AIN, LAF, everybody, who knows the owner of the white body Brasilia showing under the rear of the 734 in the pix above? Been there least two years

  8. Greg says :

    Yep, movie was “Last flight to Abuja”. Saw the ads on TV. Thanks for supplying the info, AIN

    • Alaba says :

      Folks, what do you make about the accuracy in aviation films in recent years?

      Just seen Denzel Washington in Flight, a movie based on the Alaskan flight that went into the Pacific years ago. The real thing was also an MD-83 but in the film it’s still an MD-83 but with WINGLETS! Also not sure you can barrel roll an airliner like that so close to the ground.
      Saw the trailer for Last Flight To Abuja and the clip shows the Brasilia with a HUGE APU exhaust under the tail. Sounds pedantic, I know, just wanted to hear your thoughts

  9. LAF says :

    S5-ABV is a very interesting registration.

  10. Greg says :

    Alaba, I lost interest in “Flight” when I read on the ‘net that it was decided by the makers to not favour any manufacturer, so they went for a hybrid, their creation. No wonder, MD cockpit/winglets. I’d been salivating for even Airbus cockpits (hate sidesticks), sadly.

    I salute the Nigerian film makers for trying at all. You’re right, a huge Brasillia APU etc will get lost in public ignorance, the makers might have imagined. They used clever film tricks, but because I like planes, I conclude the Bras never left the ground (saw only the trailers though).

    My best aero flick was an edition of the 70s TV serial, The Incredible Hulk, in which they flew a 747 exclusively for the serial. It was worth it for the flaps/spoilers/aileron movements alone. Terrific flying. It was VHS video days, but I failed to record it. Air Force One used a 744 flight deck, but the crash scenes were by a dummy

  11. Alaba says :


    You are right..kudos to Nigerian filmmakers in developing new genres away from the usual Juju crap themes.
    However please watch Flight and not just for the flight scenes. LAF, you and I were writing earlier about CRM and watching it, you can see why the Airline Pilots Assoc were so against the film. It depicts drunken and drug taking behaviour on the part of Denzel’s character just before a flight/ flights. Airline Pilots Assoc would have us believe that that type behaviour does not exist in real life. It does! In my patch of the woods last week, a pilot was arrested just before he took command and when breathalysed was thrice the booze limit. In Flight, his co-pilot / lead flight attendant didn’t challenge him. Cases of drunken pilots are increasing all the time in spite of the threat of random testing.

    The silliest aircraft in films since proper CGI has to be Clint Eastwood’s Firefox.

    The missus has bought me two hours 727- 200 full sim time and I will try that barrel roll.

  12. Alaba says :

    @Anon: Did they get any takers for the retrofitted winglets?

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