Aero grounded by industrial action

Aero’s staff embarked upon a strike this morning, resulting in a suspension of all flight operations. The airline’s staff are worried about the appointment of a new human resource manager and a plan to outsource employees, while some workers complained about unpaid salaries and poor working conditions.

Aero’s Management apologised in a brief statement for ‘the inconvenience suffered by our highly esteemed customers due to an abrupt industrial action by our staff which has led to grounding of all our scheduled operations’. The airline said it is engaging with the unions to find a quick and amicable resolution.

Nigeria’s oldest airline is going through a turbulent time. Aero and its long-time Canadian partner CHC parted ways in 2010, shortly after which the airline’s owner, Cecilia Ibru, was arrested for financial fraud. Subsequently, Aero ran into financial difficulties and was rescued by AMCON, which acquired a 60 per cent stake in the airline in 2012. A new management took over, but apparently the airline is not yet back in calmer waters. An unfortunate decision by the new management was to scale down all online customer services; the airline no longer provides updates through its twitter and blog pages, nor does it respond to email enquiries.



11 responses to “Aero grounded by industrial action”

  1. Okada_Rider says :

    I’m a travel agent and warned Aero’s management years ago that their LCC approach will not work in Nigeria (at least not now). Most of our clients do not request for Aero tickets any longer and our sales on Arik are way up there. Used to be a pleasant airline to deal with years back but now………

    • Anonymous says :

      Most people opt for Arik cos there is a general believe that Arik flies newer aircraft and its safer. I believe the LCC approach can work in Nigeria. Dana uses it and it has been working for them until the Air crash.

      • Mr. Smith says :

        When you say “general belief” are you implying Arik does not fly newer aircraft and atleast have proven to be a safe airline?

      • Eze says :

        Can you advise on what is meant by LCC in the Nigerian context? What are the alternative cost structures adopted by a Nigerian LCC carrier, which would distinguish them from the carriers perceived as “premium” such as Arik Air? As far as I know, some airlines calling themselves LCC pay more for their Jet A1 and pay just as much if not more in landing, navigation, and parking fees. LCC is not just charging the passenger the lowest air fare on a given route…it’s about having a specific, sustainable business model based on lower costs than your competitors. How that is achieved is what interest me today and would like someone to explain to me why LCC is relevant in Nigeria today given the dismal aviation infrastructure when compared to most other countries.

    • waly777 says :

      Aero most definitely made a mistake trying to go the LCC route. I don’t believe there’s any airline that has successfully made the transition from FSC to LCC, primarily because of the high cost base of FSC’s…trying to bring that to LCC level always brings backlash from staff.
      Used to love Aero but they need to turn around quickly and get back up.

      • Eze says :

        I agree 100%. Aero should have kept its premium position by investing in next-generation aircraft, which the Ibru family had no intention of doing, given their once formidable access to corporate finance.

  2. lydia says :

    Please I am seeking a job as a flight attendant. Studied marketing, and I have experience in customer services. 08163664690

  3. Igbosere bomber says :

    What LCC? Aero’s tickets are almost as expensive as Arik’s!

  4. Greg says :

    Surely, 300K dollar grandpa MDs as compared to 20, 30, 40 mill dollar 737NGs would give Dana a cost advantage over Arik?

  5. Talking Drums says :

    What do you expect with Obaru Ibru and his friends running the show ?
    They are all busy raping the company …

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