Federal Government ‘revokes’ Dana Air’s AOC

The Federal Government has apparently given in to pressure from the Nigerian National Assembly and revoked Dana Air’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The decision comes in the same week in which the Director-General of the NCAA was replaced, considering that his ‘unsatisfactory response to the numerous concerns of stakeholders in the aviation sector’.

Update 1: the spokesman of the Ministry of Aviation is not aware of the development. Apparently, the decision was taken after Dana Air reported a minor technical problem with one of its aircraft to the NCAA yesterday.

Update 2: Dana Air released the following statement:

We regret to announce the temporary suspension of our flight operations following a directive from the Ministry of Aviation through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) on Saturday, 16th March, 2013. No specific reason was given for the action. A meeting is, however, scheduled between the management of Dana Air, the Ministry of Aviation and the NCAA on Monday 18th March and we will update you as we get more information.

Update 3: According to Joel Obi, the spokesman of the Ministry of Aviation, Dana Air flights were suspended after one of its planes had a safety issue with its batteries. So, although flights are suspended, Dana Air did not lose its license. Still, the question is why the Ministry interfered in a matter that should have been dealt with by the NCAA alone.



13 responses to “Federal Government ‘revokes’ Dana Air’s AOC”

  1. Alaba says :

    Here we go….

  2. Eric says :

    I saw that one coming

  3. Skydog says :

    I really don’t get it, does the FG even consider nigerian citizens who would become jobless?

  4. Eze says :

    RIP Nigeeia CAA and CAT I

  5. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Obviously, the NCAA is now under control of the Ministry of Aviation. So, this is the result of Oduah’s ‘transformation of the aviation industry’, apart from the cheap and dubiously-financed airport terminals. Meanwhile, billboards have been spotted in Lagos celebrating the recent election of the ‘amazon of the aviation industry’ as Champion man of the year…

    The politics behind the whole saga are interesting. The Assembly held the NCAA responsible for the Dana Air crash. Now, they are right that the NCAA is lacking manpower, know-how and funding to fulfill its oversight tasks properly. But instead of trying to solve these problems, they stuck to the sacking of the DG as a kind of public statement. This will not solve the root cause of the poor standards in the aviation industry of course. Furthermore, instead of following ‘due process’ and awaiting the final report on the crash, the Assembly drew its own conclusions and forced the government to interfere with ‘autonomous’ agencies. All in all, the Minister of Aviation is just playing her own game, rather than serving the country.

    All in all, Arik Air is today’s winner. Aero grounded indefinitely because of a strike. Dana air grounded by the NCAA.

    • Anonymous says :

      Know-how, manpower and funding. Like the sound of that. The industry can never get enough of it. The greater the pool and spread of overall competence in various disciplines the less it will matter about matters about names and faces.

      Arik the winner? Don’t thik so. If at all,only marginally and unwittingly. However, from an assessment based on individuality, there’s no outstanding champion that can be identified.

      Theorem: The worst of politics affectin it all actually occurs not in Abuja but internally within the various organizations themselves.

      Let the parastatal people speak out.

  6. pete rock says :

    I will like to know when there ill be a massive hiring in all the airlines in nigeria,when will the 30 aircraft that the FG said they will buy be coming in thanks.

  7. Mr. Smith says :

    Quite unfortunate how this ministry is being run.

  8. Alaba says :

    Hard to dispel conspiracy theories and maybe personal grudges on the part of the National Assembly.

    If NCAA’s spokesperson was not aware of the development, who was?

    Has the NCAA evidence of technical problems with Dana that the public are unaware of? If so, announce the reasons for the AOC withdrawal.

    Are Assembly members preparing to launch or back their own airlines thus removing Dana from the equation when they sally forth?

  9. Anonymous says :

    Not trying to be a pessimist, but I think at the end of the day gej’s govt will be rated as the most incompetent ever to have ruled Nigeria.
    For a country so backward in it’s general state of development, Jonathan treats governance as a game. He and his govts approach to governance is appalling.
    Like Pastor Bakare said,”nation of fools ruled by idiots”

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