Aero to ‘resume’ flight operations

Aero will resume flight operations on 20 March 2013, following talks between the airline’s management and the labour unions.

Update: the airline has now retracted its earlier statement that it will resume flying tomorrow. There are indications that the NCAA has banned Aero from flying for safety concerns, as the airline fired more than 600 of its staff in the past days.



9 responses to “Aero to ‘resume’ flight operations”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Didnt they fire their staff? I guess that was a threat passed in the media.

  2. Skydog says :


  3. Anonymous says :

    they did fire us! the mngt have grown mad. but he whom God wants to destroy, He makes mad

  4. chukz says :

    So sad Indeed.’ I hope n pray Aero bounce back soonest.

    • Anonymous says :

      When Air Nigeria went down, Jimoh Ibrahim blamed his ‘disloyal staff’. Now, Aero is in trouble, and the airline’s magament fires all ‘disloyal staff’. But what about the managers themselves? Are they actually fit to their task? The Ibru’s already destroyed so many businesses. Furthermore, it surprises that the Minister of Labour/National Assembly allows the airline to fire striking staff and employ new workers. This is obviously a violation of the labour law.

      By the way, a ship departing from Cross River State sank yesterday ( ), killing perhaps 160 passengers onboard (compare the Dana Air crash). Yet, the media, public, politicians and authorities all keep quiet about this disaster…

      • LA says :

        Missed the boat news, most probably as news hasn’t really been follwed well th elast couple of days. Hope all goes well with your job and subsequent reintegration. Lufthansa have a planned strike on March 21. it looks set to nho worse that structurally scaled down operations, with enough of their network still running at the end of the day.

        That’s pretty bad about the accident. Not to put air transport on some exclusive pedestal it doesn’t really deserve, indeed, the safety and rescue challenges are still massive but ‘overcomable’ and we must always place a premium on the value and preservation of life, no matter the mode of transport or sector involved.

      • Mr. Smith says :

        I read somewhere there was an injunction by the courts barring Aero employees from striking while the legal process proceeds. I might be wrong though but supposedly the striking workers violated a court order???

    • Anonymous says :

      If this report is anything to go by, it a case Internal Server Error with the company. They have been doing things well for decades prior to all this.

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