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This week’s update

Short updates:

  • The Senate has ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria to recover a loan of N35.5 billion from Jimoh Ibrahim. The sum came from the Aviation Intervention Fund and was intended for Air Nigeria.
  • The Senate again asked the Federal Government to revoke Dana Air’s AOC and to fire the DG of the NCAA for negligence of duty.
  • A few images of the clearing of stored aircraft at Lagos Airport. A DHL B727F and NICON Airways B727 are the first aircraft to be dismantled.
  • FAAN announced that it will construct twelve cargo terminals across the country to boost the export of perishable goods.
  • FAAN has accepted six refurbished fire tenders. Jalingo Airport is currently the only airport in Nigeria without a fire tender.
  • Runway lighting will be installed at Enugu, Yola and Owerri, and these airports will be open for night operations from 24 March 2013 onwards.
  • The promised duty waiver on aircraft and aircraft parts is yet to be implemented by the Federal Government.
  • Ticket prices have dropped on domestic routes in the recent weeks, because of increased supply.
  • Arik Air quit its Abuja-Katsina route.
  • Arik Air issued a RFP to finance four Bombardier jets.
  • ExecuJet Nigeria in Lagos has been named a Line Maintenance Facility (LMF) for Bombardier business jets.
  • VistaJet asked the support of the Federal Government to expand its activities in Nigeria. Apparently, the charter airline currently operates on the AOC of SkyPower Express.

An inspection of some of the refurbished fire tenders (copyright The Nation)

New tasks for NAMA

Last month, new responsibilities were given to the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) to manage Nigeria’s airspace. The agency now also oversees the airfield lighting and bird harzard control at all airports. NAMA took over the calibration unit otherwise known as Navigational Aids Flight Inspection and Surveillance (NAFIS) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) too. This weekend, the NCAA transferred its HS 125-700 calibration aircraft (5N-AVK) to NAMA. The Federal Government has also concluded plans to acquire an additional calibration aircraft. Nigeria still depends on ASECNA, the Senegal-based regional equivalent of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in the Francophone West African countries to have its navigational aids (NAVAIDS) calibrated.

Installation of new airport lighting at Umaru Musa Yar'adua Airport, Katsina, in 2011

Installation of new airport lighting at Umaru Musa Yar’adua Airport, Katsina, in 2011.

Overland Drops Jos, Katsina and Minna

Overland Airways cancelled its flights from Abuja and Lagos to Jos, Katsina and Minna. It appears these routes are not profitable, even when operated with small propellor aircraft (ATR42 and Beech 1900).

The airline retains a five weekly service (Monday-Friday) between Abuja, Ilorin, Ibadan and Lagos.

Overland Airways’ New Schedule

Overland Airways made some changes to its flight schedule:

  • The Jos-Kano service has been dropped; Abuja-Jos-Abuja reduced to two weekly flights;
  • Frequencies from Abuja to Katsina and Minna and from Lagos to Minna reduced from five to three weekly flights;
  • New hub at Ilorin with five weekly flights to Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and Minna.

This small airline seems to be stable and doing well compared to other Nigerian carriers.

Overland Airways' ATR-42 (5N-BCR) At Ilorin Airport (Copyright C.H.W.)

New Routes for Overland Airways

Overland Airways opened new routes to Jos, Kano, Katsina and Minna this week.

Overland now operates the following routes daily on weekdays:

  • Abuja-Ibadan-Abuja
  • Abuja-Ilorin-Abuja
  • Abuja-Katsina-Abuja
  • Abuja-Minna-Abuja
  • Abuja-Jos-Abuja
  • Jos-Kano-Jos
  • Lagos-Ibadan-Lagos
  • Lagos-Ilorin-Lagos
  • Lagos-Minna-Lagos

Overland Airways operates two ATR 42-500s, two or three B1900Ds, and a Saab 340.