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This week’s update

Brief updates:

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria is delaying the acquisition of 30 aircraft for domestic airlines, according to the Minister of Aviation.
  • Apparently, the interior of Asaba Airport is yet to be completed two years after the airport was commissioned; the airport is also not yet certified by FAAN. The Delta State Government plans to concession the airport as soon as it is completed.
  • The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has validated the Bell 429 for operation in the country. NEMA recently received its first helicopter (5N-NEM) of this type.
  • The NCAA repeated its order to all airlines to install an Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) on their aircraft.
  • Nigeria risks losing its FAA Category 1 status, as the Ministry of Aviation is attempting to review the autonomy of the NCAA.

New Bell 429s for NEMA and Police, and a Bell 206 for NCAT

Three new helicopters arrived at Lagos Airport this week. A Bell 429 EMS (5N-NEM) for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), as well as a Bell 206L-4 (5N-BZC) for the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria, where she will join her sistership 5N-BZB. The third, hidden chopper, a Bell 429 (5N-MDA), is the first of five helicopters of this type for the Police Air Wing.

Bell 429 - NEMA - 5N-???, Bell 429 - Police Air Wing - 5N-???, and Bell 206 - NCAT - 5N-BZC (copyright Superspotter)

Bell 429 – NEMA – 5N-NEM, Bell 429 – Police Air Wing – 5N-MDA, and Bell 206 – NCAT – 5N-BZC (copyright Superspotter)

Bell 429 - NEMA - 5N-???/ex-N465XB (copyright Superspotter)

Bell 429 – NEMA – 5N-NEM/ex-N465XB (copyright Superspotter)

Bell 429 - Nigeria Police Air Wing - 5N-???/ex-N446AB (coypright Superspotter)

Bell 429 – Nigeria Police Air Wing – 5N-MDA/ex-N466AB (coypright Superspotter)

This week’s update

A quiet week:

  • NAMA has switched to an automated flight plan system on 15 November 2012.
  • The Ministry of Aviation revoked its agreement with Lufthansa. Since 2008, the airline was exempt of royalties, as long as it assisted the Federal Government in developing a MRO-facility.
  • The National Assembly joint committee on Aviation has written a report on state of the aviation industry.
  • Nigeria and Pakistan will sign a Bilateral Air Service Agreement.
  • The Federal Government has ordered a Cessna Citation Sovereign as an air ambulance for NEMA.
  • The Federal Government has spent N15 billion on an upgrade of navigational aids, according to the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA).
  • The Federal Government has approved a sum of N13.9 billion for a terminal building, control tower and power house at Yenagoa Airport, Bayelsa State.
  • IRS Airlines was ordered by a court to pay N2 million to a customer, in compensation for a cancelled flight between Abuja and Yola.
  • Has anyone heard about this new project: Discovery Air?
  • So far, 87 corporate and private jets based in Nigeria have been identified. But according to the Ministry of Aviation, there are over a hundred business jets in the country. Therefore, any help with identifying the remaining ones is appreciated.

NEMA rescue helicopters

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) utilises one of the Bell 427s recently acquired for the Nigeria Customs Service for the ongoing rescue operation in the flooded states. The seasonal floods in Nigeria due to excessive rainfall have been described as the worst in decades. NEMA owns an old Mil 17 for search and rescue operations, but the agency will soon receive a new Bell 429.

NEMA DG Alhaji Muhammad Sani-Sidi in front of a Bell 427 (5N-NCS) at Kaduna Airport

NEMA – Mil 17 – 5N-BGY