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NCAA Revokes AOC of Afrijet, Bellview, And Capital

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority yesterday revoked the Air Operator Certificates (AOC) of Afrijet Airlines, Bellview Airlines, and Capital Airlines. All airlines suspended their operations last year due to financial problems. Since Bellview acquired a B767-300ER (5N-BVA), but failed to recommence flights as the aircraft is still stored at Shannon. Afrijet returned their two MD-80s (5N-BKO and 5N-BKI) to the lessors, but has four ATR 72-500s on order; it’s unlikely that they will actually get these props. Finally, Capital was operating a single EMB120 (5N-BLN). At one point, there were reports that start-up Red 1 Xpress would acquire Capital as well as their AOC.

Update: The director of the NCAA stated that Bellview and Afrijet haven’t lost their AOC, but merely have to meet some criteria again before being allowed to operated commercial operations.

It will take a long time before two Nigerian operators will fly intercontinental routes again. This is a unique picture, showing an Arik Air A345 and Bellview Airlines B762 side by side at London Heathrow (Terminal 2) last summer.

Arik Air and Bellview at London Heathrow (2009) - (Copyright Aero Icarus)


From The Olden Days: Zenith Air, Triax Airlines and Sosoliso Airlines

Nigerian airlines mostly have their maintenance base in Abuja, Kano or Lagos, the major airports in the country. Exceptions in the past were Okada Air that was based in Benin City and Oriental Airlines in Owerri. City Link Airlines (1993-1996) was the only airline to operate from Port Harcourt with an EMB-110 Bandeirante. Kaduna is still the home base of Chanchangi Airlines, although the airline plans to build a new hangar at Abuja.

Some of the airlines that were established in the early nineties, after the airline deregulation in Nigeria, Zenith Air (1992), Triax Airlines (1992), and Sosoliso Airlines (1994) had Enugu Airport as home base. Zenith Air was a short-lived carrier and operated two DC-9s. The former director of Zenith Air is now the CEO of the announced low-cost carrier Red 1 Xpress. Triax Airlines operated three B727s until the late nineties, while Sosoliso Airlines commenced scheduled operations in 2000 with a B727 wet-leased from JAT Airways. The airline subsequently flew with two DC-9s and two MD-80s. The last airline was grounded in December 2005, after a crash landing at Port Harcourt in which 110 passengers and crew were killed.

Capital Airlines Suspends All Operations

Capital Airlines suspended all its scheduled flight operations in October 2009. They operated flights between Abuja, Ilorin, Lagos and Minna.

The last known aircraft operated by Capital are two EMB-120s, one registered 5N-BLN and the other possibly N258CA.

The Punch reports that start-up airline RED 1 Xpress eyes a 51% share in Capital Airlines. The new investors would bring in five more EMB-120s.